Tuesday, September 17, 2013

workin' in a coal mine....quilts in progress

Not really the equivalent of coal mining, but I do have five quilts that are currently in progress.  Two of them have a fairly good chance of reaching completion within the next several months.  The other three...well, let's just say...we'll see.  I like to have a variety of things to work on, because I get bored easily.  I'm fickle.  My heart gets swayed by all the pretty, bright fabrics.

Here's what's happening over here:

My version of Scrappy Trip Around the World   Not exactly scrappy.  I am using Spring House almost exclusively, besides some Kona white.  I love this pretty, bright blanket.  The Mister thinks...too green.  He says he'll look too much like a leprechaun next to it (he is a red head). I told him, it's because he looks like a leprechaun that I married him at all.  So that is clearly not a problem.   This quilt is actually not far from being completed.  I've got the top done and the back done...just gotta quilt it.  It'll be done some time in 2014.

The Mister's Man Quilt.  Which, I still love...even though it's been a year and a half since I began it.  The top stands 1/3 done...if I squint.  And yes, these are neutrals...and the flowers and butterflies are manly flowers and butterflies....and I've got some ocean front property...hey, it's all in the eyes of the beholder.  So, if I think this is manly, then by golly it's frickin manly.  This will be done....sometime later in 2014 than the Scrappy Trip quilt.  And once my loving husband's eyes get over the sting of brightness, he'll have this sweet cozy to sooth him.

The one I'm really excited about!!!  Look, I know it's not cool of me to squeal in blogland, but, whatever....this fabric is gorgeous, so I think I might have a squeal here and now  EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!  Right.  And, it's a pattern of my own making....that's a double squeal.  I'll spare you the details.  This may be completed before either of the two above, just because I have such a case of crush for it. 

Now for the two that should be done in 2013....both of my own design, too!!

My Oldest's pirate quilt.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I am over 3/4 done with the top.  Yes.  Deep breath and can I get a Hallelujah!!  It is currently hanging, just like this, over my closet in the sewing room.  Mess, surrounding it from other projects, and all!!  My beloved daughter asks me on a semi-regular basis, Mom, when will you seriously stop working on other things and just get my quilt done.

Uggggh.  Doesn't she get me at all?  I'll get to it when I get to it.

She's my late Fall birthday girl...I have decided to have it done by her birthday, so I've gotta make this one my priority...like, yesterday.

I do love the atlas fabric and the color scheme is so girly and fun, but not overly Pink!! and I have employed everything I've ever learned about quilting, into this quilt.  This quilt, is the culmination of my...gulp 17 years of experience.  Wanna know what I've learned?  Another time.  But, just know, this is about as close to quilting perfection as I've ever gotten.  Pretty kick ass, if I do say so myself.

A cautionary tale is this little quilt.  Say, you are happily hand quilting away, enjoying family movie night on Sunday, the day is bright and airy and all is right with the world.  Say, you walk away, to do whatever business it is you need to do at that moment....Say, the husband starts yelling, "GINGER!!!"

uh oh

Never a good sign.

Run upstairs What is it, my beloved?  As that is of course, what I call him.

The dog puked.  But, luckily it was on this blanket.

Whaa... I'm sorry, did you say my blanket?  The one I was just lovingly hand quilting for my sweet baby niece?

So, before I had a chance to finish quilting this sweet beauty, or get the binding on, it has now been washed.  This is straight out of the washer.  I decided not to dry it and hopefully....nothing weird happens, as I have never bound a quilt after it has been washed...there may have been shrinkage....in fact, I can guarantee it...shrinkage!!!  I used the pieces of Heather Ross's new fabric line, Briar Rose that I like.  I didn't like very many to be honest, and normally I love what she does.  Oh well.  Everybody's got an opinion.

So, this little blanket will probably be the next item finished...as I think I am done quilting....now to get the binding on and hope for no weirdness.

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  1. Awww, sorry about the mishap on the blanket!! Thank goodness it was something that can be washed right out.

    Your quilting is LOVELY!!! Really, I just love it!!

    I made quilts for three of my four children, and never did get to one for my youngest. Maybe someday, but I suspect he'll like his Spiderman blankie better right now anyway. ;)

  2. One of the things I don't do (yet) is quiting. But I think it looks lovely. The color are super cool, and green is one of my favorite colors

  3. You kill me! First off, LOVE the leprechaun quilt. Second, I have a man-quilt planned as well. Back in our motorcycle days (mostly Phil, but I did a little bit myself), he collected...well...probably about a thousand Ducati t-shirts. I'ma gonna make him a quilt out of those. Someday. But first, I'ma gonna take a nap.

    I love that the dog puked on your quilt. Seriously. Now I don't feel so bad. I had a cat who peed on my wedding dress fabric. Yes. Cat pee. But hey...I washed it all up and delivered it to my mom who made a fantabulous dress out of it anyway.

    Did I mention I no longer have that cat? Small wonder. =D

    Love your quilts! Gives me the itch even more. That's going to be one of my very first projects when I get settled in the new pad. I've had my next one planned for years. Can't wait to drag that fabric out.


  4. I have 3 wips one I was supposed to finish last Christmas....doubt it will be done this Christmas, yours are lovely can't wait to see the pirate one completed

  5. I am totally impressed that you have so many quilts going at once! I cannot wait to move and have a craft room where I can leave a project out and keep working on it. Although green is my favorite color and I do love your green quilt....I adore your pink pirate one! You are awesome girl!

  6. I can't imagine making one quilt little own all that you have in the works! Excellent job. Sorry the dog puked on your quilt although I did laugh out loud. (but just a little laugh) Looking forward to seeing the finished pirate quilt. So close!

  7. Oh Heather, these are all absolutely killer!! How beautiful, you talented lady you.
    So, my mom's quilt ALWAYS take at least a year. The last one she made for me was completed about a year ago...she started it about 7 or 8 years ago, when I lived in a different house:) But of course, it's so gorgeous and special. I still remember our shopping trip for the fabric, the back and forth between us, not arguing, just discussing what colors would look best, and her letting me win every argument knowing I was the one that would live with it forever:)
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful work with the world:)


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