Monday, May 19, 2014

When Kale gets long in the tooth

Ever wondered what happens to kale if you don't pick it and eat it in the summer of 2013 and just let it chilax in the flower beds over winter until spring 2014?

Well, let me enlighten you.

I mean, it can't just be me who finds this curious and interesting, can it?

Anyone?  Interested in kale that's gone to seed?  Hello-oooo?

The Mister, in fact, hates my kale plant and threatens to destroy it on a daily basis.

Here's a close up of the leaves so you'll believe me that it's kale.

It grows incredibly tall and produces loads of petite, jaune fleurs (I am practicing my French).  Of course, now that I think about it, is French like Spanish where the adjective comes after the noun?  Hmmm....fleurs jaune?   Or maybe fleurs de jaune?  At any rate, loads of tiny, yellow flowers.  And guess who LOVES tiny yellow flowers...


I think I have discovered how to help the bees that are in peril.  Plant lots of kale and let it go to seed. Bees are flocking to my kale flowers.  I mean, yes, it is a terribly ugly plant, and it is right next to my front porch so everybody has to beeline (haha) through a hoard of bees to get in my house, but, it's for the bees. Come on folks, let's do what needs to be done.


It's better than eating the kale, after all.

And now for the blowsy, show-offs of the flower bed...The Peonies.

The kale flowers feel a bit intimidated sitting so close to the peonies, but they have their righteous indignation that even though they might be plain, they're saving the bees and anyway, they like the comfort of their crocs and ponytails versus the 5 inch heels and fluff and spray the peonies have to maintain to look so fancy.

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Quilting is Fun....and I'm a Dirty Bird

Well, how else can I put it.  I love to quilt and I love my fictional boyfriend, James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser.

If you, by chance, happen to think he is YOUR boyfriend...nononononono, he's mine.  And if, by chance, you haven't heard of Jamie, then you need to read this book.  STAT.

If you're in need of a good read, try this.  History.  Romance.  A sexy, be-kilted Scotsman.  swoon.  And they're seriously the LONGEST books (which I like because I really get to enjoy the story).  Ever.  Maybe War and Peace is longer, but not by much.    And War and Peace doesn't have 7 books in the series and more to come.

Now, what does my fictional boyfriend have to do with quilting?


Yup.  I actually made a little wall-hanging to commemorate my love.  Don't judge.  Love comes in all forms. There's the man who married a Barbie.  I saw a show about a guy who was in love with his, really in love with his car.  And then there's the person who eats the foam out of cushions (I don't think she loves the foam cushions, but...I can't get the image out of my brain).  Shudder.  Love is strange.

I am not much of an artist, but I did manage (with great struggle) to draw up an outline of a handsome, kilted fella.

I even made his kilt look plaid-ish and gave him a belt.  I considered boots and a shirt, but decided for this version he'd just have to go barefoot and shirtless.  I'll think about doing another with more clothes on but, let's be honest, there's nothing wrong with a half-dressed man in a kilt, now is there?

Threw on some complimentary hexies in adorable fabric.

 And my take of The Thistle of Scotland at the top.

As well as my version of the iconic phrase...and heck ya!!!  The greatest sewing feat of all time.  Well...I mean, that is saying a bit much.  How 'bout this, the greatest Outlander wall-hanging with an image of a half-dressed man, feat of all time?  I'll take that.

And I think I've got a real treasure.

My Oldest did ask me what it meant.  Ahem.  Cough.  Cough.  Well, that is...  I mean...  You see, the thing is....Whew, why don't you go ask you father.

p.s. The Outlander series, by Diana Gabaldon is one of my favorites.  I re-read it ever couple of years and currently have even borrowed the audio version from my library and am listening to book 7 right now.  I should be listening to book 6, but I am third in line!  WTH. So, I skipped up and will bounce back when it's finally available.  I think I'll be okay listening out of order, having read it several times.  If I get lost, I'll give a shout out to my buddy Andi over at Delusions of Ingenuity who thinks Jamie loves her and not me.. snort. Whatevs..

p.p.s.  Outlander is being made into a television series and begins in August  Read the books, fall in love and then we'll have gab fests about how cute is Jamie's tush?

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Monday, May 12, 2014

I say Herb you say Erb

I really do say Herb with an H.

A-Because Martha Stewart says it like that and if anybody knows what they're talking about, it's her.

B-I do it facetiously because I know it is how the lads and lassies from Pride and Prejudice would say it.  I also say Sh-edule instead of sck-edule.  And pri (like pit) vacy instead of pri (like pie) vacy.

C-I don't really like the sound of this sentence though: Let me give you AN Herb.  But, at the same time, I don't like the sound of this sentence: Let me give you A Herb.

D-I guess that means if I ever need to tell somebody I'm giving them....a plant that makes food taste good, I'll have to say: I'm giving you an erb.

If you're thinking this post is about herbs, it is.  Sort of.  It's mostly about Mother's Day though.

Mother's Day this year started on Saturday because The Mister was going out of town on actual Mother's Day.

Mother's Day for me means gardening stuff.  In Utah you are admonished to NEVER EVER NEVER plant your veggies and fragile flowers before Mother's Day.

Everyone chose a special plant for me.  My Youngest, a yellow tomato.  The Mister, a Peanut plant and My Oldest, French Lavender.   It's fun because each one is uniquely them.  My Youngest loves tomatoes, the Mister is just fun and kind of weird and My Oldest loves anything French.  I am actually very excited about the peanut and plan on documenting it's existence here at the Hearth.

These are also what we got.  There's several tomatoes and peppers and herbs and tomatoes and a Brussels Sprout and an egg plant and...heck, I am not even sure what's all there.  I'm just happy it's gardening time. But as you notice none of these are in the ground yet.  Even though Mother's Day has's was still in the 30's last night.  So they have to bunk in the garage for a couple of days.  Today or tomorrow these'll get planted.

I drove The Mister to the airport at 7 am yesterday.  He does get a big fail for leaving me to my own defenses on this day that celebrates me sleeping in, eating bonbons in bed and not having to do the dishes a single time ALL DAY.

The one good thing about getting up this early on my day, though, was getting to a nice-ish restaurant for breakfast before the masses showed up.  It was actually our second choice as the first was already packed and had a line of people waiting in the rain.  Uhhhh, yeah, no matter how tasty your pancakes are, no way I am waiting in the cold rain for them.

The bad thing about getting up this early is....I cannot take a good photo for anything.

The Mister gave the girls a pile of money so they could pay for my breakfast and they thought they were pretty cool telling the waitress to give THEM the check.

After breakfast it was time for my girls to give me more gifts.  My Youngest made this cute ladybug garden rock (which she has since claimed as her own and refuses to let me put it in the garden) and this gorgeous unicorn for me.

As well as this.  What is it, you may ask?

It's an I-Spy piece of fabric she found/created.  She was so excited to point out all the mystery blotches and have me figure out what they were.

My Oldest wrote out this card listing the reasons in English why she loves me.  I love what kids come up with.  My favorite is that I tuck her in her cosy bed.  :)

And then this one en Francais.  Pour ma mere...For my Mother...ummmmm....fleurs.....something flowers.  Ummm....mon heart....that's it.

And finally, a word I never thought I'd say.  Birkenstocks.  I mean, I remember in the late 80's when my Mom had the tragic double-strapped, classic style.  Hippy, not sexy.  But these ones....hippy sexy, maybe?

Happy Mother's Day (a day late) to all the mom's out there!

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Monday, May 5, 2014

Sunday, the day of rest...for Me

Just guess how much fun it is to fix a busted up fence.

If you're eight years old...LOTS!

If you're slightly older than eight and are actually responsible for the fixing of the fence...a lot less.

Like this, Dad?

No, hold it like this and you have to use the claw-y bit.  (He may or may not have called the claw-y bit, the claw-y bit.)

Put your back into it, kid.

Fixing fences is so much fun, huh, Daddy?

So much.  Less talk, more work.

Glad to see you wore appropriate footwear for hammering and nails and stuff. 

Thanks, Daddy!  I love to help.  And I love you, SO MUCH!

Aha!  I got you, you and so.

(As a side note, this cute little thing has asked me many times to explain to her what swears are so she can not say them.  snicker.  I told her not to worry about it and if she ever says something that's a bad word, I'll be sure to let her know so she can avoid it in the future.)

Don't worry Daddy, I can knock this whole fence down BY MYSELF!  Just watch.

Uhhh, give me the hammer back.

This is the best day EVER!  When I grow up I want to be somebody who digs ditches for a living.

That's my girl.  I really teach my kids to reach for the stars.

If you're wondering what I am doing all this time?  Don't you worry your pretty little head a bit.  I was probably doing the most important work of all.

Here's a cool beverage for you, darling.  Stay hydrated out here, working in the hot sun while I enjoy my stories in the air conditioned house.

And I observed the work that was going on.  

And I offered, what I like to call "support". 

Are you suurrre you're supposed to take that bit down. 

Ummm....why's the fence looking so wonky?

Did you ask our neighbors, who I am sure are experts, if they're doing what you're doing.

Ummm, Heather?

Yes, snookums?

I have a most important job for you.  And I mean, THE most important job of the day.

Oh goody! Anything for you, dear.

Coke run.

My final thoughts on the day...

Well, the good news is, thanks to all this hard work, our neighbors big, mean dog will probably no longer be able to get half in my yard, scare my children and chickens half to death and try and romance Ginger.

Good work Husband and Daughter.  Good work.

Thanks for reading!

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