Monday, May 12, 2014

I say Herb you say Erb

I really do say Herb with an H.

A-Because Martha Stewart says it like that and if anybody knows what they're talking about, it's her.

B-I do it facetiously because I know it is how the lads and lassies from Pride and Prejudice would say it.  I also say Sh-edule instead of sck-edule.  And pri (like pit) vacy instead of pri (like pie) vacy.

C-I don't really like the sound of this sentence though: Let me give you AN Herb.  But, at the same time, I don't like the sound of this sentence: Let me give you A Herb.

D-I guess that means if I ever need to tell somebody I'm giving them....a plant that makes food taste good, I'll have to say: I'm giving you an erb.

If you're thinking this post is about herbs, it is.  Sort of.  It's mostly about Mother's Day though.

Mother's Day this year started on Saturday because The Mister was going out of town on actual Mother's Day.

Mother's Day for me means gardening stuff.  In Utah you are admonished to NEVER EVER NEVER plant your veggies and fragile flowers before Mother's Day.

Everyone chose a special plant for me.  My Youngest, a yellow tomato.  The Mister, a Peanut plant and My Oldest, French Lavender.   It's fun because each one is uniquely them.  My Youngest loves tomatoes, the Mister is just fun and kind of weird and My Oldest loves anything French.  I am actually very excited about the peanut and plan on documenting it's existence here at the Hearth.

These are also what we got.  There's several tomatoes and peppers and herbs and tomatoes and a Brussels Sprout and an egg plant and...heck, I am not even sure what's all there.  I'm just happy it's gardening time. But as you notice none of these are in the ground yet.  Even though Mother's Day has's was still in the 30's last night.  So they have to bunk in the garage for a couple of days.  Today or tomorrow these'll get planted.

I drove The Mister to the airport at 7 am yesterday.  He does get a big fail for leaving me to my own defenses on this day that celebrates me sleeping in, eating bonbons in bed and not having to do the dishes a single time ALL DAY.

The one good thing about getting up this early on my day, though, was getting to a nice-ish restaurant for breakfast before the masses showed up.  It was actually our second choice as the first was already packed and had a line of people waiting in the rain.  Uhhhh, yeah, no matter how tasty your pancakes are, no way I am waiting in the cold rain for them.

The bad thing about getting up this early is....I cannot take a good photo for anything.

The Mister gave the girls a pile of money so they could pay for my breakfast and they thought they were pretty cool telling the waitress to give THEM the check.

After breakfast it was time for my girls to give me more gifts.  My Youngest made this cute ladybug garden rock (which she has since claimed as her own and refuses to let me put it in the garden) and this gorgeous unicorn for me.

As well as this.  What is it, you may ask?

It's an I-Spy piece of fabric she found/created.  She was so excited to point out all the mystery blotches and have me figure out what they were.

My Oldest wrote out this card listing the reasons in English why she loves me.  I love what kids come up with.  My favorite is that I tuck her in her cosy bed.  :)

And then this one en Francais.  Pour ma mere...For my Mother...ummmmm....fleurs.....something flowers.  Ummm....mon heart....that's it.

And finally, a word I never thought I'd say.  Birkenstocks.  I mean, I remember in the late 80's when my Mom had the tragic double-strapped, classic style.  Hippy, not sexy.  But these ones....hippy sexy, maybe?

Happy Mother's Day (a day late) to all the mom's out there!

Thanks for reading!



  1. I say "erb", but that's because I'm French... Now when do you use the phrase "Let me give you a herb"?!? I see you had a nice day and your children must have been so proud to pay at the restaurant!

  2. Where shall I begin? I'm totally cracking up over your "herb"/"erb" conundrum. The ladybug is biting the unicorn's arse. And Lord'a'mercy I nearly fainted when I read "you 'tuck' me in..." My eyes were playing tricks on me, they were.

    Lastly? Definitely hippy sexy.


  3. We say Herb and we think erb is just an American thing. I love her note I love what kids think I still have Samuels original letter from Prep one of the few things I kept.

  4. Oh it looks like you had a marvelous mothers day girl! Gifts from the kids that are handmade are the best! Your shoes are def hippy/sexy!

  5. Aweeeee! That is just the best! Love all of your fabulous gifts and you rock in that photo! Picture perfect. Glad you had a great mothers day Heather. Way to go hubby for making it special even though you had to ditch! Very thoughtful!...and yep hippy sexy!

  6. We pronounce herbs as erbs. My husband has a special way of saying various herby words. He pronounces thyme (time) as thime, though that could be the correct pronunciation. He says cumin like su min, and basil like ba zil (like badzill without the "d"). One of his favorite past times is to cook, so we humor him, for sure. Although sometimes I think he does it on purpose, LOL.

    It looks like you had a marvelous Mother's Day weekend. You look beautiful for such an early hour!! And the gifts from your daughters are so creative. Instead of where's Waldo, it's where"s Spot, and just exactly who is that Spot?? Happy Day xoxo

  7. What a lovely Mother's Day! Your babies and hubby are so sweet. I love all the plants, too. I wish I had a big, fat yellow tomato sliced on my plate right now!
    I say herbs but I absolutely love shedule. I say it tongue in cheek because my feet are planted in Arkansas and shedule would probably get me thrown out.
    Oh yeah, hippy sexy for sure:)
    Happy Mother's Day, a week late:)

  8. What an absolutely perfect mother's day you had. I love all the thoughtful homemade gifts and the plants they each selected. Sounds like you made lots of happy memories. And, I adore the family pancake eating pictures.


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