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It's quite presumptuous of me to title this author bio as I am not yet a published author. But hopefully that will change in the near future.

I'm currently writing three series; two of which are romances.

Betrayal and Yearning:
Genre: Fantasy Romance

Jessica Brown doesn’t want to marry someone she’s never met even if he is the elven prince. To make matters worse, she’s mistaken another for her intended. Braum Stoneforge—with his hard demeanor and commanding presence—is the stuff of fantasies, and it doesn’t take long for Jessica to realize Braum is not the man she’s here to marry. Too bad it’s too late.
Even though she’s furious at his unintentional ruse, not to mention engaged, Braum secrets Jessica away under cover of darkness though war will be the inevitable result. 
While eager to explore her burgeoning feelings for the warrior, Jessica learns all too soon that a carefree romance isn’t to be. Ancient magic dictates Braum’s actions, leaving Jessica in peril until he’s forced to betray her.
But magic doesn’t always work like its meant to, and the transformation following Braum’s deception goes awry. Unable to trust the man she’s come to love Jessica flees with a witch, nursing wounds both visible and not. She hides a devastating secret while training in the art of magic and battling to control her dangerous new powers. 
Only when Braum learns self-sacrifice and humility, and Jessica finds forgiveness and inner strength, can these two overcome their past, outwit their common foe, and find hope together. 

Something Surrender (It's a work in progress, only on 2nd draft)                                                    Genre: Historical Romance
Delia Bridges has no time for romance, she's too busy searching for the ruthless pirate, Henry Every. An agent for the East India Trading Company, Delia uses her unique set of skills to participate in the first ever world-wide manhunt, hoping to bring Every to justice for the brutal death of the Emperor of India's daughter. 
Robert Fontaine, Earl of Ayre and London dandy is looking for a gentle woman to wed. Bonus points if she's a damsel in distress. Suffering from a physical disability, nothing is more important to Robert than his fancy reputation, but a close second is that his future-bride thinks him her champion. Luckily for Delia (or so Robert thinks), he comes across her path as she's confronted by Every's thugs. Robert eagerly steps in to play the part of hero, as he's always wanted, unaware she had the situation handled.
Feeling the need to bring her under his protection, Robert takes what he considers a chivalrous step and schemes to wed Delia without her knowledge. Surprised to later discover his new bride is not who he'd thought, as well as furious about her new marital status, Robert finds himself thrust into the life and death race Delia has prepared all her life for. Now on the run, Delia and Robert must band together to survive. 
Though Robert's confused about his feelings toward Delia, now that he knows who and what she is, and against Delia's better judgement, passion burns between the two. But Delia must decide if she can love the dandified posh who betrayed her. And Robert must come to terms with the fact that the wife he chose is not only not helpless but is, in many ways, more capable than he.  Will these two find mutual respect and love, or will the challenges of battling a nefarious pirate take their toll on a marriage built on a shaky foundation?

Curly and Red (Even more a work in progress, just beginning the outline)
Genre: Middle Grade
Two twelve year old girls, both new in town, find each other's differences too much, at first. But discover they have more in common than not, and outward appearances don't really matter, after all.

Author Bio
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