Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lizacorn...a new and unique breed of mythical creature.

It is good...I think...to have a husband who is a former D & D nerd...well..I mean, did I actually say it was a good thing....yeah, ooookay, we'll go with it.  I fancy myself to someday be an author, and nerd that I am myself, I quite enjoy Science Fiction Fantasy.  In fact, someday I hope to write a Harry Potter-esque type book.  So I was discussing mythical creatures with The Mister, aka Lord Riclamin Gemviper the Loremaster...he's a dwarf who is also a master swordsman...at least that's what the "create a D & D character generator" told me...ahem...so here are some of the creatures my loving husband feels are absolutely necessary for any Science Fiction/Fantasy book that is worth it's weight in cursed golden coins...in order of importance...

1.  Gelatinous Blob  ***Correction, The Mister says that it is a Gelatinous Cube not a Gelatinous Blob.  My mistake.***
2.  Sleztak...no wait, that's my brother in law...I feel bad for myself and My Sister
3.  Lich
4.  Bugbear or Bug Bear (my husband refuses, now that he knows I am mocking him to give me the correct spelling)
5.  Mindflairs
6.  Nightwalkers
7.  Mimicks

So, I feel that my lizacorn will fit right in with the (imagine I am having a violent coughing fit here)...
Reject Mythical Creatures

Cough....cough....ahem.  No, they're good creatures....if you're a complete nerd.  Anyway....I feel that my lizacorn will fit right in with my future story about the above mentioned creatures...except it's way cuter than any gelatinous blob will ever be!  So, what is a lizacorn you might be asking yourself?  Well it's a cross between a unicorn and a lizard...which just so happens to be the amigurumi that I made for My Youngest!

So, here's the actual truth, I must have miscounted somewhere because my lizacorn has a definite twist in it's body...but I kind of like it.  It gives it movement and allows it to hold itself up!

As you can probably tell by the mane and tail, I spent a good portion of my night yesterday, hooking.  Unlike my Aunt Sherry, I am not an expert hooker so it took a couple tries to really get it right.  :-)  But I think in the end the mane is super awesome!!!

So cute I could just squeal right now!  I quite enjoy the little tail.  I put a bow in it!

My Youngest quite enjoys her lizacorn and My Oldest has declared that she wants her lizacorn to be EXACTLY the same.  Too bad for her I don't have enough of the same yarn. 

Turns out I think my little mutant creation is super cute.  I especially like that it looks like Lizzy the Lizacorn is wearing a sweater.

She is quite dedicated to her work out routine...as you can see by the above picture of her doing push ups.  I've heard that horses are quite difficult to draw...and I think that they are also a little difficult to turn into ami's as evidenced here. 

So, a quick review of the pattern.  I think it's quite well done, besides a few mistakes here in there...an entire row was missed in the body, but I improvised...and it turned out very well.  I think as far as free patterns go, I cannot complain about this one very much.  So, excellent pattern if a lizacorn is what you want to make.

Thanks for reading everybody!


p.s. this may have been my favorite post to write to date!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Crazy Beastie

Remember a few posts back when I was talking about crochet and how my two beloved daughters wanted me to make them scarves...well My Oldest got a scarf...then My Youngest decided that instead of a scarf, she wanted a...wait for it... Unicorn

Doable.  Totally doable.  Thanks to a lucky Pinterest Find.  Except...I kind of think the example is not the cutest...so of course I know that I will be able to make a much cuter creature...I mean, easily.

Ummm...it kind of looks like a demonic goat or like a bear with a cone on it's head...with ice cream cones for legs and arms.  Although, on the plus side my daughters spent a good several hours playing with the ice cream cones yesterday.  So, I think I will alter the leg pattern and actually make them some ice cream cones.

I wish I had given this unicorn bigger eyeballs.  But the pattern called for 13 mm and I even used 14 mm, so I technically did, but I didn't go as big as I was thinking.  Blast.  Follow your gut.

I do have faith in my abilities and that once I give this beastie a mane, then I am sure it will look much more horseish vs. albino Winnie the Pooh.

This is definitely a to be continued...

Swoon Pic of the day
This is the final one!  This one is not my favorite of all the blocks...in fact it is probably my least favorite.  Something about the colors are too similar for my liking.  I do think it's cute though, and I think it will look nice in the over all scheme of things.

Thanks for reading everybody!


Saturday, January 28, 2012

MoCoCo Hiatus

Due to some unforseen issues with MoCoCo...me having gained 5 lbs since Christmas...I have decided to go on a MoCoCo hiatus.  It is time for me to focus on getting healthy and choosing better options for what I eat.  While that is nowhere near as much fun as torturing my family with Tuna Jello and the like, I think it is for the best.  I will have periodic MoCoCo posts, but it won't be once a week as before. 

So, please don't be sad, MoCoCo is not done for...it's just done for a month or so.  At least until I lose enough weight to fit back in my summer clothes for Disneyland.

Thanks for your support and as always, thanks for reading!


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Crochet Fun

It's winter here...at least some of the time.  My Oldest decided that she wanted to buy some beautiful yarn with the money she got from the Tooth Fairy so that I could make her a scarf.  See, Mama has some scarfs and she wants one as well! 

The question is...do I let her choose her yarn all by herself?  Without any input from me? 

Naaaah.  Of course not.  But, I did try to only provide minimal input.  For example, have you seen the Eyelash yarn...that's immediately what she was drawn to.  Mama pointed out ever so gently that it wouldn't make the best scarf.  It would get up her nose and tickler her neck and not be terribly warm.  She looked at a couple more and found some she liked when...

The heavens opened, light shown forth in a heavenly display of loveliness and this yarn made it's presence known...

It is called Party Yarn and boy is it a party.  Look closely and you will see glimmery silver streaks in the yarn.  Oh yes!  It is beautiful!  Of course My Youngest took one look at the sparkly goodness that had descended from heaven and knew she needed a beautiful scarf too.  Pink.  Of course.  It's always and only Pink.  So today I get to make them scarfs using this...not particularly soft yarn.  Would I have chosen it?  Noooooo.  But, I'm not a 6 year old and 3 year old girl.  And this yarn is EXACTLY what girls of those ages would want.

Speaking of crochet...I have been in the process (also known as stalling and procrastinating as much as possible) in making My Beloved Sister an amigurumi doll for her Sister in Law...well....it's getting there..

This little Ami makes me particularly happy.  It's because I made her real hair!!  It was quite difficult and I didn't do the best job ever, considering I've never done it before, but it was fun!  And I can't wait to make hair on another ami soon.  I also like that she's kind of evil looking.  She has these cruel eyes...I didn't intend on her looking cruel, but now that she does, I think she's kind of kick ass.  So, I will endeavor to make her look less evil and more loving so that she doesn't give her intended nightmares.  I mean, her intended is after all a 6 monthish old baby.  That would be bad.

I am quite close to having her done.  I've just got to finish the left leg, give her the rest of her face and soles to her shoes.  Yay for evil dollies!

Do you see this?  This is only a third of the buns I have from a shindig this weekend.  What in the world am I to do with so many buns?  I cannot eat hamburgers and hotdogs every day.  Blah!

So I made these for my girls for lunch.  Thanks to my Sister who found this on Pinterest.  Ahem.  They weren't most delicious.  Every time I make something different now My Oldest asks me accusingly, did you get this out of your cookbook?  No.  You have your Auntie to thank for this one.

In case you're wondering why my Young are wearing swimsuits in winter...they were just delivered and they had to try them on!  Both were skeptical of their lunch at first.  My Youngest liked it quite well...but only enough to eat one half of the bun with the peanut butter on it and not the "hotdog".  My Oldest declared it disgusting and requested something less weird.

This bun delight they have The Pioneer Woman to thank for.  She had a stratta on her website, I had an ungodly amount of buns...Voila!  Breakfast for dinner.

Mr. Because I Can loved it!  I made it using ingredients I had on hand.  So instead of sausage I used Canadian bacon and I didn't have kale, but I didn't have mustard greens.  I thought it was yummy too!  The girls...well I mostly had to bribe them to eat it with these...

Homemade blueberry muffins.  But not just ANY blueberry muffins.  They are Ina's Blueberry Muffins!  Which means awesome.  But not only that, do you want to know what they taste like?

Oh yes, they taste like the blueberry muffins I remember as a kid.  The Betty Crocker ones that have the little tin of blueberries that you have to rinse off before using!  Like, exactly.  So, this means they are quite sweet.  But oh so tasty!

Here's the recipe...slightly adapted by me as I didn't have sour cream on hand so I used Fage 2% Plain Yogurt

Ina's Coffee Cake Blueberry Muffins
1 1/2 sticks unsalted butter, at room temperature (I had to microwave my butter for 15 seconds and used salted)
1 1/2 cups sugar
3 eggs, at room temperature (my eggs were not at room temp)
1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla
8 ounces (about 1 cup) sour cream (I used yogurt)
1/4 cup milk
2 1/2 cups flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoons salt
2 half-pints fresh blueberries (I just guessed as I had a Costco tub of blueberries.)

Preheat oven to 350 F.  Prepare muffin tins with paper liners.  Cream the butter and sugar in mixer with paddle attachment on medium until fluffy.  Approximately 5 minutes.   Reduce speed to low.   Add the eggs in one at a time until they are incorporated.  Add the vanilla, sour cream (or yogurt) and milk.  Mix until combined.

In a separate bowl, combine all the dry ingredients and mix.  Then add slowly to the creamed mixture and mix until just combined.

Fold in the blueberries.  Spoon into muffin tins.  Now, per Ina's instructions, she recommends filling the batter all the way to the top.  I do not recommend this as my muffins spilleth over in a most insightly way.  Still tasty, but not beautiful.  So I would say fill them 3/4 full.

Bake for 25 to 30 minutes until lightly brown and toothpick comes out clean.

As always, thanks for reading everybody!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

OHHHH...Cross fingers

Have you ever been here before?  Ohhhhh...I am almost out of thread...how much more do I have to sew???

That much more??  Oh goodness am I going to make it???

The result is....YES!!  Woo hoo! Success!  But let me say that I maybe had 5 inches left of thread to finish getting my binding on my sweet Union Jack/Old Glory Wall Hanging.  I don't like it getting that close!

I did choose to make it a wall hanging despite Mr. Because I Can's desire for a giant quilt of flags.  I'll add that to the someday pile of things to make.  And boy did it turn out CUTE!  I love it.  It's currently hanging in my sewing room and I love looking at it.




Swoon Pic of the day

Okay, it's not my usual, but I really like this Swoon block.  The colors are not my typical style, but something about them both being on the lighter spectrum, just makes it feel modern and fun.

Thanks for reading today! 


Monday, January 23, 2012

MoCoCo Week 3

Ummm....so far...Not. So. Good. 2 out of 3 weeks has been...not stellar.

Mormon Cookbook
Cook-along Week 3

Look, I confess to be choosing the most...interesting options I can find...but, can you blame me?  It's much more exciting this way. 

I told you all if I was having a get-together there would be MoCoCo for all...Since we were grilling burgers and dogs, and I wasn't bringing the dessert, I quickly realized a beverage was the perfect option this week.  May I introduce...Almond Punch.  Yes...it totally sounds not delicious...but how could I not make it.

Mom's Almond Punch
Shared by Colleen Ercanbrack in the Battlecreek 4th Ward Pleasant Grove, UT Cookbook
adapted by...moi

1 (12 oz) can frozen orange juice
1 (6 oz) can frozen lemonade...of course they didn't have a 6 oz can...so I bought the 12 oz and estimated half of it.
1 C. Sugar (I felt this was a bit extreme...I used 1/2 C...but I also didn't have enough room in my pitcher for all the water called for...so maybe if you use all the water, then this much sugar is justified)
1 tsp. almond extract (oh yeah...just go with it)
2 tsp. vanilla extract (in punch?  Yes.)
3 qt. water (I am pretty sure I got like...half of the water necessary)
2 ltr bottle of 7-Up

Mix it all together and enjoy.  Make sure the sugar dissolves. 

You want to know how much was left after the shindig...I'll show you in a minute.

What the Kidlettes have to say:
My Oldest...was NOT impressed.  In fact, when she realized that someone had brought Ginger Ale,she gave me the rest of her cup and asked for that instead.

My Youngest...wouldn't even try it.  uhhh....There was milk.  Enough said.

What the Man of the house has to say:
Inn...ter...esssss...tinnnnnnggg.  Then he pointed out that if it was either frothier or had hard liquor then it would be better.  Alright then.  Not complete hate there.

What my Sister has to say:
So, my sister feels disgruntled that I am not including her enough in my blog lately.  She feels that she's good enough, smart enough and doggonit pretty enough to have her opinion heard....she felt the same way I did.  It tastes like a melted Orange Julius and would probably be better if there was some crushed ice somewhere in there.

It was definitely not beloved by all.  So luckily I made another option.  I decided a side dish would also be a good idea...this was courtesy of Rachael Ray's Magazine, December 2011.

Pimiento Cheese Pickles
By Rachael Ray
Adapted by...me

1 C. Grated sharp cheddar (I am fairly certain I doubled this as I wasn't exactly measuring)
3 Tbs. Mayo (so I doubled this as well)
1 Tbs. chopped pimientos (and this)
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper (and this...I just shook some in.  Let's say they were very spicy...probably too much cayenne)
10 dill pickles (4 inch) halved lengthwise (I think I had 8 pickles)

Take your halved pickles and scoop out the innards so that you have a hollow boat.  Mix all the other ingredients together.  Generously stuff the pickles with cheese mix.

In my defense...I happen to think dill pickles and cheese go really well together.  As youngins, my cousin and I would make pickle and cheese "sandwiches" when at my Grandma's house and we thought we were gourmet...so when I came across this recipe..I knew it would be awesome!

What the Kidlettes have to say:
Yeah right.  They wouldn't touch it.

What the Man of the house has to say:
He would like them...in extremely small doses.  Say one small nibble a day.

What my Sister has to say:
Not completely the most disgusting thing she's ever eaten...her husband on the other hand...said they were the most disgusting thing he's ever eaten.  They were a bit slimy.  I think if I were to make them again i would make sure to dry off the pickle so the residual brine doesn't slime up the cheese and mayo mixture.

The end result of the night...

Yeah...so....anybody feel like almond punch and stuffed pickles...I got a bunch left...anybody...anybody???

Swoon Pic of the day
As always, the love of Swoon by Camille Roskelley is still going strong.  I like the pink swirl fabric here so much. 

Thanks for reading!


Sunday, January 15, 2012

MoCoCo Pasta Fagoli Soup

Well, it's time for our second installment of;


Mormon Cookbook

Cook-along Episode 2

The Christmas song: Baby It's Cold Outside comes to mind today.  It's cold out there..I'm talking really cold.  So the only thing to do...is make soup.  Luckily...I think... for me I have an entire cookbook of new and exciting soup recipes to try out.  The tricky part is...will my kids eat it?  Life is not as difficult now when it comes to getting the wee ones to eat new and interesting things...aka vegetables, although I will confess to helping my Youngest to eat.  She still gets spoonfuls of food from me as well as what she spoons into her mouth herself, to ensure that she is actually getting nourished.

So let's get going...I will say that I didn't follow the recipe exactly as called for.  But, as the cook that's my choice.  If I'm going to make a batch of food, I prefer that it last at least 2 meals.  So I increased some proportions.  I'll give you what I did as well as what Karen Ferre's recipe calls for.  Also, the thing to remember here is...it's just soup.  So do what feels right.  If it looks like it doesn't have enough liquid...go ahead and add some.  If you think it needs more veg...add those too!  You're most likely not going to ruin it.  I mean, I guess you might...but you probably won't.  So don't fret the details too much.

Pasta Fagoli Soup
Karen Ferre courtesy of the Battlecreek 4th Ward Pleasant Grove, Utah cookbook

1 lb. Very lean ground beef (I used 1.5 lb 93% lean)
1 onion chopped (ditto)
4 C. Beef broth (ditto)
2 28 oz can crushed tomatoes (I used my own home-made bottled tomatoes 2 quarts)
1 16 oz can kidney or northern beans, drained (I used two cans of kidney beans, drained)
1 16 oz can red beans, drained (I used one 16 oz can White Kidney beans, drained)
1 C. Carrots, julienne (I used approximately 2 C. carrots...and no way were they julienned, they were roughly chopped.)
1 C. Celery, diced (ditto)
1 tsp basil (I gave it a good-sized dash of basil, dried)
2 lg garlic cloves, minced (I used 3)
1/2 tsp pepper (me, to taste)
1/2 tsp salt (me, to taste...but I'm guessing I used more)
1/2 tsp oregano (Me, a good sized dash.  Probably more than this)
1 tsp marjoram, dried (ditto)
2 T. Parsley (ditto, dried)
1 C. uncooked macaroni (I think I did 1.5 C)

She gives us some options with the soup and here they are...
1/8 tsp ground red pepper aka cayenne.  (I declined this option...my kids aren't really into spicy)
1/2 to 1 tsp chili powder (I also declined this option...it's not chili and so I didn't want chili powder.  I wanted honest to goodness soup)
2 T. Worchestershire sauce (I did use this option as I think it gives the soup a more beefy flavor)
Garlic Salt to taste (I also used this as I like it a little more garlicy

In a large stock pot, add a bit of oil, I use canola, over medium heat, add your diced onion and saute til translucent.  Add your beef and some salt and pepper and brown.  Add the garlic when the beef is cooked through and let it cook for approximately 30 seconds.  Really, what you're looking for here is to smell the garlic...but don't over cook it because if it burns, life as we know it will end.

Add the carrots and celery and allow to cook for a few minutes as you open cans and assemble the remaining ingredients.

Add everything else, except for the macaroni which is going to go in at the last.  Simmer for 45 to 60 minutes.  I simmered, uncovered, for about 50 minutes.  Up your temperature to medium high and bring your soup to a nice rolling boil.  Add the macaroni and cook until tender.  I cooked it for about 10 minutes, I think.  She recommends 12-15. (I read the instructions on the box and followed those instead...I didn't want soggy pasta).  Make sure during this period of rolling boil that you Stir, Stir, Stir.  If you don't, you will have pasta clumps.  And that ain't pretty.  You don't want your noodles to stick together, so vigorous stirring will not only improve the tone in your arms, it will also keep your noodles separated.

Yum time!  I served this with some hearty bread sticks and we each got a Clementine.

What the Kidlettes have to say:
My Oldest:  Pocahontas Awesome...(she's really into Pocahontas right now)

My Youngest: It's pink!!  (which believe it or not is a compliment).  And...Licious!

What the Man of the house has to say:
A million times better than Tuna Jello

So there you have it.  My kids loved it.  My husband loved it.  And I loved it.  Very tasty and filling.  A perfect pot of soup.

If you don't want the leftovers, I would say go with the original recipe, but if you're like me and don't want to cook again in the next couple of days, make the bigger pot!

Thanks for coming along for the MoCoCo ride!

Swoon Pic of the day

And I love it ! This is the very first Swoon block I ever made.  And I still love it even after having made 9 of them.  I love the complimentary colors.  I love the British cat people.  I love the brightness.  It's just love right here.

Thanks for reading!


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sewing just for the fun of it!!!

You ever get the itch to just Sew?  If you're anything like me, you take note of all the cute and adorable things on the web...and if you're like me, you don't have the time or ability to sew them at the exact moment you see them.  I mean, you've got other projects, other responsibilities and doggonit...the kids do need to eat 3 meals a day and require at least a snuggle or two.  So all of these ideas get filed away, most never to see the light of day.

But, for me, one of these projects....Hallelujah....struck a chord of inspiration and choosing to abandon anything that might currently be in the works...maybe more than one project in fact...I was able to just have a little fun. 

I allowed myself to choose any fabrics that I wanted...maybe even two that I'm pretty sure I might someday actually use in a full-size quilt.  Oh the guilt.  Can I actually cut into this beautiful fabric and leave less yardage than was there before?  Hell yes I can!  And it was awesome!

This is called Double Fat Jack by Lily's Quilts.  Why on earth would I make a Union Jack flag if I could choose to make anything.  I dunno.  I think it's pretty awesome actually.  Almost a year ago there was a bunch of Brit fever going around due to the royal wedding.  I saw this and thought that is pretty and challenging!  If you look at it, the triangles don't form a square, they form a rectangle!! WHHOOAAA!!  I know.  It's pretty cool.  But then, not only that, but there's a strip between the triangles and that strip is what meets in the middle!!  So, this is like....revolutionary!

Because...for those of you non-quilters you might not see, but how on earth did she get all these pieces to square up in the end?????  I had no idea.  So, this was fun and it was fairly quick to make, and I got to use some darn cute fabric.  It was a good day.

A note on this tutorial.  Lily is a Brit.  I am a Yank.  This is not the first time I have come to realize that the Brits and the Yanks do not speak the same language.  Especially when it comes to sewing.  Now, this obstacle is not insurmountable...but you just gotta have some guts and just do it.  You'll be reading her tutorial and think...WHAT IS SHE DOING?  No way is that going to work.  But then it does.  So, just give it a chance.

Another thing to note is that I found it very beneficial to keep all my pieces laid out exactly as they were going to be placed.  Because as you may have noticed in the above pictures, I've got some fabric right side up and some upside down.  This is because the triangles are not the same shape!  Just take the time and keep them laid out properly.

You will use a template made out of newspaper.  But then...this will happen...

And you'll think...Oh no no no I am sure I did this wrong!

But then...you'll see things just happen to come together.  But...this is the time when it was extremely important to keep things in order...

Because now you've not only got oddly shaped triangles to deal with but you've also got strips that have to point the right way...and well...it'll feel a little confusing at times.  But as long as you keep things in order, you'll be fine.

Voila completed with border attached.  Love!!

But then...I felt guilty...and so I had to do this...

Act American Doggonit!  hehe, so I thought that I would make a sweet little wall hanging with the Union Jack on one side and Old Glory on the other...then of course Mr. Because I Can comes along as I had them both side by side in the living room and says...

That's going to make the prettiest quilt I've ever seen....

Ex-squeeze me?  Honey, that's not going to be a quilt.  That's a wall-hanging.  Big difference.  B to the I to the G.  But then I think...maybe I could make it into a quilt.  I have seen where people make blocks out of all the places their ancestors are from...but then I remember...my ancestors are from...like...EVERYWHERE.
England, Scotland, Ireland, Denmark, Holland, Switzerland...Now that I actually type all the countries out...it's not really that many I guess....I'll have to think about it. 

See, now my simple sew for fun project might turn into another big project....hmmm....

Speaking of which...

Swoon Pic of the Day:
Swoon by Camille Roskelley   I think this one is fun.  Something about the hounds tooth really sets it apart! 

Thanks for reading!


Monday, January 9, 2012

MoCoCo Time is finally here!!

Mormon Cookbook

I've been threatening...ahem, promising to begin a Julie and Julia-style addition to the blog.  My muse...Favorite Recipes from the Battlecreek 4th Ward, Pleasant Grove, Utah cookbook.

A behemoth compilation of the Battlecreek 4th Ward's awesome cooks.  If you are not hip to my jive-talk here, a Ward is a Mormon congregation.  So in their infinite wisdom they collected everybody's tastiest recipes and made them into a cookbook. 

My goal in doing this is to make a meal from this cookbook once a week and showcase the results here.  I will be adapting the recipes only slightly as needed.  Hopefully I will come across some gems that will become regulars in my cooking rotation. I also think it's fun to make my family eat interesting aka gross, things.  Just ask my sister, brother and husband...it's my thing.

The thing to know about many Mormon recipes...as my sister will attest to is...they often have recipes that are open to interpretation.  So, I guess you just gotta go with your gut on amounts sometimes.

The other thing to know about Mormon recipes is this....they are made to feed many, so they are commonly cheap and easy not unlike some young ladies as seen on The Jersey Shore.  And they are made to satisfy the young as well as the old.  Not exactly to please the palates of those in between. 

We start with a doozy.

Here's part of the ingredients.

And this is me scalding the tuna.  Don't people know that canned tuna is already cooked?  Oh well.  Let's proceed shall we...

Tuna Jello Luncheon Salad
Marillyn Gheem

1 can tuna (scald by pouring boiling water over it in a colander) If you ask me, you can probably skip this step, but I didn't
1 small can sliced olives
1 C diced celery (I used the inner part with the pretty leaves)
1 Tbl. Chopped onion
3 Hard-boiled eggs, chopped
3/4 C. Mayo (I think I only used 1/2 C.)
1/2 small package lemon Jello...but what was she going to use with the other half????
1 T. Plain gelatin (a single package of gelatin contains approximately 1 T. so no need to measure)

Mix the tuna, olives, celery, onion, eggs and mayo in dish.  Separately add the jello and gelatin in another bowl.  Dissolve in boiling water....okay, so this is exactly what the recipe says.  But what it doesn't say is HOW MUCH water to use.  I think I used about 1/2 C of boiling water.  Let the jello mixture cool.  Add to the tuna combo.  Put into an 8 X 8 Pyrex dish (I used a 9 x 6). 

This meal will serve 6 and Marillyn recommends serving it with a green salad and rolls.

What the Kidlettes have to say:

My Oldest:  It looks pretty, but it doesn't taste pretty.
My Youngest:  It's tastes handsome

What the Man of the house has to say:

Please God don't make me ever have to eat that again.

So as I suspected this wouldn't be my family's favorite meal, but I couldn't resist making it...that devilish side of me made me do it.  I had left over ham to fill in the spaces of empty bellies, and I made this...

Not cooked enough.  Put them back in for 15 more minutes.  You shouldn't see any white.  All Brown on top!

Easy Orange Rolls
Lynsey Drew

3 cans refrigerated biscuits
1 Medium Orange
2 Sticks butter, melted
1/2 C. Sugar

Place biscuits in bundt pan.  (I sprayed mine with Pam before hand and since the only biscuits they had were the Grand's style, I cut mine in half).  Melt butter.  Grate orange rind into melted better and juice the orange into the melted butter.  Add the sugar and boil until it is dissolved.  Pour over the biscuits and bake at 350 until golden brown on top.  (No amount of time...just a guesstimate...so I think mine cooked for a little over 30 minutes.  Hard to say, I took them out when I thought they were golden brown on top but the middle was ooey gooey.  So they went back in.  The tops will be quite brown).  When done baking place plate on top of the pan and turn over to remove from Bundt pan (I didn't read that step, so my orange rolls are in the pan, stuck probably for life now).
What the Kidlettes have to say:
My Oldest: DEE-Lish-us
My Youngest:  Good

What the Man of the house has to say:
Me Like

So there you have it.  The results of my first ever MoCoCo.  Stay tune for more!

Quilt Pic of the Day:

Swoon by Camille Roskelley  I love this one. The darker purple fabric is the most adorable collection of chairs.
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