Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lizacorn...a new and unique breed of mythical creature.

It is good...I think...to have a husband who is a former D & D nerd...well..I mean, did I actually say it was a good thing....yeah, ooookay, we'll go with it.  I fancy myself to someday be an author, and nerd that I am myself, I quite enjoy Science Fiction Fantasy.  In fact, someday I hope to write a Harry Potter-esque type book.  So I was discussing mythical creatures with The Mister, aka Lord Riclamin Gemviper the Loremaster...he's a dwarf who is also a master swordsman...at least that's what the "create a D & D character generator" told me...ahem...so here are some of the creatures my loving husband feels are absolutely necessary for any Science Fiction/Fantasy book that is worth it's weight in cursed golden coins...in order of importance...

1.  Gelatinous Blob  ***Correction, The Mister says that it is a Gelatinous Cube not a Gelatinous Blob.  My mistake.***
2.  Sleztak...no wait, that's my brother in law...I feel bad for myself and My Sister
3.  Lich
4.  Bugbear or Bug Bear (my husband refuses, now that he knows I am mocking him to give me the correct spelling)
5.  Mindflairs
6.  Nightwalkers
7.  Mimicks

So, I feel that my lizacorn will fit right in with the (imagine I am having a violent coughing fit here)...
Reject Mythical Creatures

Cough....cough....ahem.  No, they're good creatures....if you're a complete nerd.  Anyway....I feel that my lizacorn will fit right in with my future story about the above mentioned creatures...except it's way cuter than any gelatinous blob will ever be!  So, what is a lizacorn you might be asking yourself?  Well it's a cross between a unicorn and a lizard...which just so happens to be the amigurumi that I made for My Youngest!

So, here's the actual truth, I must have miscounted somewhere because my lizacorn has a definite twist in it's body...but I kind of like it.  It gives it movement and allows it to hold itself up!

As you can probably tell by the mane and tail, I spent a good portion of my night yesterday, hooking.  Unlike my Aunt Sherry, I am not an expert hooker so it took a couple tries to really get it right.  :-)  But I think in the end the mane is super awesome!!!

So cute I could just squeal right now!  I quite enjoy the little tail.  I put a bow in it!

My Youngest quite enjoys her lizacorn and My Oldest has declared that she wants her lizacorn to be EXACTLY the same.  Too bad for her I don't have enough of the same yarn. 

Turns out I think my little mutant creation is super cute.  I especially like that it looks like Lizzy the Lizacorn is wearing a sweater.

She is quite dedicated to her work out routine...as you can see by the above picture of her doing push ups.  I've heard that horses are quite difficult to draw...and I think that they are also a little difficult to turn into ami's as evidenced here. 

So, a quick review of the pattern.  I think it's quite well done, besides a few mistakes here in there...an entire row was missed in the body, but I improvised...and it turned out very well.  I think as far as free patterns go, I cannot complain about this one very much.  So, excellent pattern if a lizacorn is what you want to make.

Thanks for reading everybody!


p.s. this may have been my favorite post to write to date!


  1. Gelatinous Blob .... um its Gelatinous cube, as any good d&d fan would know. They made a movie about it. What can I say..I'm a D&D nerd 4-life!

  2. Having a hubby nerd is good in that they understand our strange obsession of crafting, creating and being unique.. buying "unnecessary" crafting items because they are too cool to pass up. They also give us some liberties because we have to give it to them. Fair trade. Awesome Lizacorn. What did Youngest name her?

  3. Lizacorns are fine creatures for D&D nerds. Slestaks are also extremely cool.


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