Monday, January 23, 2012

MoCoCo Week 3 far...Not. So. Good. 2 out of 3 weeks has been...not stellar.

Mormon Cookbook
Cook-along Week 3

Look, I confess to be choosing the most...interesting options I can find...but, can you blame me?  It's much more exciting this way. 

I told you all if I was having a get-together there would be MoCoCo for all...Since we were grilling burgers and dogs, and I wasn't bringing the dessert, I quickly realized a beverage was the perfect option this week.  May I introduce...Almond Punch. totally sounds not delicious...but how could I not make it.

Mom's Almond Punch
Shared by Colleen Ercanbrack in the Battlecreek 4th Ward Pleasant Grove, UT Cookbook

1 (12 oz) can frozen orange juice
1 (6 oz) can frozen lemonade...of course they didn't have a 6 oz I bought the 12 oz and estimated half of it.
1 C. Sugar (I felt this was a bit extreme...I used 1/2 C...but I also didn't have enough room in my pitcher for all the water called maybe if you use all the water, then this much sugar is justified)
1 tsp. almond extract (oh yeah...just go with it)
2 tsp. vanilla extract (in punch?  Yes.)
3 qt. water (I am pretty sure I got like...half of the water necessary)
2 ltr bottle of 7-Up

Mix it all together and enjoy.  Make sure the sugar dissolves. 

You want to know how much was left after the shindig...I'll show you in a minute.

What the Kidlettes have to say:
My Oldest...was NOT impressed.  In fact, when she realized that someone had brought Ginger Ale,she gave me the rest of her cup and asked for that instead.

My Youngest...wouldn't even try it.  uhhh....There was milk.  Enough said.

What the Man of the house has to say:
Inn...ter...esssss...tinnnnnnggg.  Then he pointed out that if it was either frothier or had hard liquor then it would be better.  Alright then.  Not complete hate there.

What my Sister has to say:
So, my sister feels disgruntled that I am not including her enough in my blog lately.  She feels that she's good enough, smart enough and doggonit pretty enough to have her opinion heard....she felt the same way I did.  It tastes like a melted Orange Julius and would probably be better if there was some crushed ice somewhere in there.

It was definitely not beloved by all.  So luckily I made another option.  I decided a side dish would also be a good idea...this was courtesy of Rachael Ray's Magazine, December 2011.

Pimiento Cheese Pickles
By Rachael Ray

1 C. Grated sharp cheddar (I am fairly certain I doubled this as I wasn't exactly measuring)
3 Tbs. Mayo (so I doubled this as well)
1 Tbs. chopped pimientos (and this)
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper (and this...I just shook some in.  Let's say they were very spicy...probably too much cayenne)
10 dill pickles (4 inch) halved lengthwise (I think I had 8 pickles)

Take your halved pickles and scoop out the innards so that you have a hollow boat.  Mix all the other ingredients together.  Generously stuff the pickles with cheese mix.

In my defense...I happen to think dill pickles and cheese go really well together.  As youngins, my cousin and I would make pickle and cheese "sandwiches" when at my Grandma's house and we thought we were when I came across this recipe..I knew it would be awesome!

What the Kidlettes have to say:
Yeah right.  They wouldn't touch it.

What the Man of the house has to say:
He would like extremely small doses.  Say one small nibble a day.

What my Sister has to say:
Not completely the most disgusting thing she's ever eaten...her husband on the other hand...said they were the most disgusting thing he's ever eaten.  They were a bit slimy.  I think if I were to make them again i would make sure to dry off the pickle so the residual brine doesn't slime up the cheese and mayo mixture.

The end result of the night... feel like almond punch and stuffed pickles...I got a bunch left...anybody...anybody???

Swoon Pic of the day
As always, the love of Swoon by Camille Roskelley is still going strong.  I like the pink swirl fabric here so much. 

Thanks for reading!


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  1. MoCoCo is my all time favorite! The almond punch wasn't bad exactly..maybe if it had been mixed with crushed ice in a smoothie form I would have liked it much better. It would have been way more Orange Juliusy. The pickles are something I never ever need to try again.


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