Monday, January 30, 2012

Crazy Beastie

Remember a few posts back when I was talking about crochet and how my two beloved daughters wanted me to make them scarves...well My Oldest got a scarf...then My Youngest decided that instead of a scarf, she wanted a...wait for it... Unicorn

Doable.  Totally doable.  Thanks to a lucky Pinterest Find.  Except...I kind of think the example is not the of course I know that I will be able to make a much cuter creature...I mean, easily. kind of looks like a demonic goat or like a bear with a cone on it's head...with ice cream cones for legs and arms.  Although, on the plus side my daughters spent a good several hours playing with the ice cream cones yesterday.  So, I think I will alter the leg pattern and actually make them some ice cream cones.

I wish I had given this unicorn bigger eyeballs.  But the pattern called for 13 mm and I even used 14 mm, so I technically did, but I didn't go as big as I was thinking.  Blast.  Follow your gut.

I do have faith in my abilities and that once I give this beastie a mane, then I am sure it will look much more horseish vs. albino Winnie the Pooh.

This is definitely a to be continued...

Swoon Pic of the day
This is the final one!  This one is not my favorite of all the fact it is probably my least favorite.  Something about the colors are too similar for my liking.  I do think it's cute though, and I think it will look nice in the over all scheme of things.

Thanks for reading everybody!



  1. Super cute in the making...yes.

  2. LOVE THE PINK! Kids have their own imagination. They just love the toys no matter what. Ewan takes some pride in saying "my mom made that for me" even if it is ridiculous looking.


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