Thursday, January 5, 2012

Crisco???? And Swoon!!!

Have you read The Help?

It is my favorite book of the year!  The movie, is good, if you read the book.  If you haven't read it, please do so.  But, here is a line about Crisco from The Help that I think is classic.  Take it away Minnie...

“Ain’t just for frying. You ever get a sticky something stuck in your hair, like gum? That’s right, Crisco. Spread this on a baby’s bottom, you won’t even know what diaper rash is. Shoot, I seen ladies rub it under they eyes and on they husband’s scaly feet. And after all that it will still fry your chicken.”)

Plus Crisco now comes in these convenient 1 c. sticks.  It's so easy to use!!!  No longer do you have to dig through the giant tub...I also have the giant tub, but these sticks are great!!

So, the question of the day you use Crisco? It's not what the cool kids do, that's for sure. Butter is definitely the cool option.  But guess what, sometimes good old Crisco is just the ticket.  I use it...for about 3 things.  And for these 3 things, I like to keep Crisco on hand. 

1-  For my favorite chocolate chip cookies. the way I'm going to include the recipe here in a minute.
2-  For my favorite No Chill Most Delicioius Sugar Cookies.  Yum.   Check out the link if you need the perfect sugar cookie recipe that is easy and delicious every time.
3-  When I need to grease a pan for a cake or bread or anything.

So, here's the Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe straight from...yup...the Crisco recipe book...adapted and my mom.  I think in her attempt to make these cookies healthier...remember this is the late 80's and 90's we're talking about, she wanted to cut the fat.  Luckily she was ahead of the times and wanted to cut the sugar too!  So that's where the adaptions to this recipe come.  This will make a denser, loftier cookie, it won't spread out as much.  It'll keep a little bit of poof to it.

My sister in law swears by these cookies.  In fact, these turned her into a Crisco devotee...for this one recipe at any rate.  She never had Crisco in her house until the momentous day when these came into her life. So there you have it.  These cookies are life changing.  She does use the original recipe, not the "healthier" version my Mom and I use, but that's just fine.

Ultimate Chocolate chip Cookie
1 C. Butter Crisco
2 C. packed brown sugar
4 Tbl. Milk
2 Tbl. Vanilla (I will tell you the truth that I am a little perplexed by the large amount of vanilla called for...but I just go for it.  If it ain't know...)
2 eggs
3 1/2 C. Flour
1 tsp salt
1 1/2 tsp Baking Soda
1 package chocolate chips ( I use Guitard milk chocolate myself)
2 C. Walnuts (optional, but necessary if you ask me)

Heat oven to 375
Combine Crisco, sugar, milk and vanilla in stand mixer, using paddle attachment.  Beat until creamy.
Add eggs to creamed mixture.  Mix until combined.
In another bowl, combine flour, salt and soda.  Stir until combined.
Add flour mixture to creamed mixture and beat until just blended.
Add chips and nuts and mix until combined.
Drop by large spoonful onto an ungreased cookie sheet (I use a parchment paper-lined cookie sheet)
Bake for 8-10 minutes (I usually have to go 10 because I like my cookies more done maybe).  Cookies will appear moist. 
Cool and then devour with glass of milk.

Now for my latest Swoon block by Camille Roskelley

I think this is my favorite on so far. Something about the black and the kaleidoscope affect the pattern on the fabric already has...Love!!

Heather...Crisco devotee herself!!

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