Tuesday, January 24, 2012

OHHHH...Cross fingers

Have you ever been here before?  Ohhhhh...I am almost out of thread...how much more do I have to sew???

That much more??  Oh goodness am I going to make it???

The result is....YES!!  Woo hoo! Success!  But let me say that I maybe had 5 inches left of thread to finish getting my binding on my sweet Union Jack/Old Glory Wall Hanging.  I don't like it getting that close!

I did choose to make it a wall hanging despite Mr. Because I Can's desire for a giant quilt of flags.  I'll add that to the someday pile of things to make.  And boy did it turn out CUTE!  I love it.  It's currently hanging in my sewing room and I love looking at it.




Swoon Pic of the day

Okay, it's not my usual, but I really like this Swoon block.  The colors are not my typical style, but something about them both being on the lighter spectrum, just makes it feel modern and fun.

Thanks for reading today! 


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  1. Wall hanging for the win! I hate that thread moment (usually because I don't make it hehe). I really like that flag pattern though and agree it would be awesome as an entire quilt but is just beautiful as it is too :)


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