Monday, January 9, 2012

MoCoCo Time is finally here!!

Mormon Cookbook

I've been threatening...ahem, promising to begin a Julie and Julia-style addition to the blog.  My muse...Favorite Recipes from the Battlecreek 4th Ward, Pleasant Grove, Utah cookbook.

A behemoth compilation of the Battlecreek 4th Ward's awesome cooks.  If you are not hip to my jive-talk here, a Ward is a Mormon congregation.  So in their infinite wisdom they collected everybody's tastiest recipes and made them into a cookbook. 

My goal in doing this is to make a meal from this cookbook once a week and showcase the results here.  I will be adapting the recipes only slightly as needed.  Hopefully I will come across some gems that will become regulars in my cooking rotation. I also think it's fun to make my family eat interesting aka gross, things.  Just ask my sister, brother and's my thing.

The thing to know about many Mormon my sister will attest to is...they often have recipes that are open to interpretation.  So, I guess you just gotta go with your gut on amounts sometimes.

The other thing to know about Mormon recipes is this....they are made to feed many, so they are commonly cheap and easy not unlike some young ladies as seen on The Jersey Shore.  And they are made to satisfy the young as well as the old.  Not exactly to please the palates of those in between. 

We start with a doozy.

Here's part of the ingredients.

And this is me scalding the tuna.  Don't people know that canned tuna is already cooked?  Oh well.  Let's proceed shall we...

Tuna Jello Luncheon Salad
Marillyn Gheem

1 can tuna (scald by pouring boiling water over it in a colander) If you ask me, you can probably skip this step, but I didn't
1 small can sliced olives
1 C diced celery (I used the inner part with the pretty leaves)
1 Tbl. Chopped onion
3 Hard-boiled eggs, chopped
3/4 C. Mayo (I think I only used 1/2 C.)
1/2 small package lemon Jello...but what was she going to use with the other half????
1 T. Plain gelatin (a single package of gelatin contains approximately 1 T. so no need to measure)

Mix the tuna, olives, celery, onion, eggs and mayo in dish.  Separately add the jello and gelatin in another bowl.  Dissolve in boiling water....okay, so this is exactly what the recipe says.  But what it doesn't say is HOW MUCH water to use.  I think I used about 1/2 C of boiling water.  Let the jello mixture cool.  Add to the tuna combo.  Put into an 8 X 8 Pyrex dish (I used a 9 x 6). 

This meal will serve 6 and Marillyn recommends serving it with a green salad and rolls.

What the Kidlettes have to say:

My Oldest:  It looks pretty, but it doesn't taste pretty.
My Youngest:  It's tastes handsome

What the Man of the house has to say:

Please God don't make me ever have to eat that again.

So as I suspected this wouldn't be my family's favorite meal, but I couldn't resist making it...that devilish side of me made me do it.  I had left over ham to fill in the spaces of empty bellies, and I made this...

Not cooked enough.  Put them back in for 15 more minutes.  You shouldn't see any white.  All Brown on top!

Easy Orange Rolls
Lynsey Drew

3 cans refrigerated biscuits
1 Medium Orange
2 Sticks butter, melted
1/2 C. Sugar

Place biscuits in bundt pan.  (I sprayed mine with Pam before hand and since the only biscuits they had were the Grand's style, I cut mine in half).  Melt butter.  Grate orange rind into melted better and juice the orange into the melted butter.  Add the sugar and boil until it is dissolved.  Pour over the biscuits and bake at 350 until golden brown on top.  (No amount of time...just a I think mine cooked for a little over 30 minutes.  Hard to say, I took them out when I thought they were golden brown on top but the middle was ooey gooey.  So they went back in.  The tops will be quite brown).  When done baking place plate on top of the pan and turn over to remove from Bundt pan (I didn't read that step, so my orange rolls are in the pan, stuck probably for life now).
What the Kidlettes have to say:
My Oldest: DEE-Lish-us
My Youngest:  Good

What the Man of the house has to say:
Me Like

So there you have it.  The results of my first ever MoCoCo.  Stay tune for more!

Quilt Pic of the Day:

Swoon by Camille Roskelley  I love this one. The darker purple fabric is the most adorable collection of chairs.


  1. Sorry, but that just looks gross. Who would ever think to put Jello and tuna together? I love the face Ryan is pulling though! That makes it worth it all, right?

  2. Ryan totally had a right be scared. I forgot that you have that sadistic side to your experimenting. I hope your orange rolls made up for it. Your family is brave.

    As for the swoon, I decided that I love the same color in shades together, so pretty and contemporary. This is my fave too.

  3. I'm glad they only added 1/2 a jello pack, any more and would have been too much flavor country. Worst taste ever....(maybe not the worst of all time, but of anything recent)


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