Monday, May 5, 2014

Sunday, the day of rest...for Me

Just guess how much fun it is to fix a busted up fence.

If you're eight years old...LOTS!

If you're slightly older than eight and are actually responsible for the fixing of the fence...a lot less.

Like this, Dad?

No, hold it like this and you have to use the claw-y bit.  (He may or may not have called the claw-y bit, the claw-y bit.)

Put your back into it, kid.

Fixing fences is so much fun, huh, Daddy?

So much.  Less talk, more work.

Glad to see you wore appropriate footwear for hammering and nails and stuff. 

Thanks, Daddy!  I love to help.  And I love you, SO MUCH!

Aha!  I got you, you and so.

(As a side note, this cute little thing has asked me many times to explain to her what swears are so she can not say them.  snicker.  I told her not to worry about it and if she ever says something that's a bad word, I'll be sure to let her know so she can avoid it in the future.)

Don't worry Daddy, I can knock this whole fence down BY MYSELF!  Just watch.

Uhhh, give me the hammer back.

This is the best day EVER!  When I grow up I want to be somebody who digs ditches for a living.

That's my girl.  I really teach my kids to reach for the stars.

If you're wondering what I am doing all this time?  Don't you worry your pretty little head a bit.  I was probably doing the most important work of all.

Here's a cool beverage for you, darling.  Stay hydrated out here, working in the hot sun while I enjoy my stories in the air conditioned house.

And I observed the work that was going on.  

And I offered, what I like to call "support". 

Are you suurrre you're supposed to take that bit down. 

Ummm....why's the fence looking so wonky?

Did you ask our neighbors, who I am sure are experts, if they're doing what you're doing.

Ummm, Heather?

Yes, snookums?

I have a most important job for you.  And I mean, THE most important job of the day.

Oh goody! Anything for you, dear.

Coke run.

My final thoughts on the day...

Well, the good news is, thanks to all this hard work, our neighbors big, mean dog will probably no longer be able to get half in my yard, scare my children and chickens half to death and try and romance Ginger.

Good work Husband and Daughter.  Good work.

Thanks for reading!



  1. LOL Teach em young! She is just adorable and I am pretty sure you had the most important job of all!! Good work Heather!

  2. too funny. On a side note, I actually have 2 milk jugs lurking in my backyard. Two is classy(er) than 1. lol ( use them to refill dogs water bowls)

  3. haha you are so funny!!!! Love it - child labour at its best!

  4. A back yard is like a treasure chest, with mysteriuos contents that have yet to reveal their true purpose for being included, lol ! What an adorable event and memory you have captured on camera, thanks for sharing.

  5. Aww, your girl is so cute out there helping dad:) My youngest wanted to be a lumber jack when she was a little one so I feel ya!
    I think they both rocked the fence repair attire--she in flip flops and he in girly gloves, ha!

  6. I see you train your children well, working for you all day long! Do you think she could come over here? I have a fence in a shameful state!

  7. Okay, I laughed thru this whole post. Your job is complete. :)


  8. Coke run is the most important job! What a good Daddy to be that patient with his helper. Who by the wy can always go into a field to practise swearing LOL

  9. The neighbor's dog is not going to be happy with this fence development. Scaring chickens is probably the highlight of his day! :)


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