Monday, May 19, 2014

When Kale gets long in the tooth

Ever wondered what happens to kale if you don't pick it and eat it in the summer of 2013 and just let it chilax in the flower beds over winter until spring 2014?

Well, let me enlighten you.

I mean, it can't just be me who finds this curious and interesting, can it?

Anyone?  Interested in kale that's gone to seed?  Hello-oooo?

The Mister, in fact, hates my kale plant and threatens to destroy it on a daily basis.

Here's a close up of the leaves so you'll believe me that it's kale.

It grows incredibly tall and produces loads of petite, jaune fleurs (I am practicing my French).  Of course, now that I think about it, is French like Spanish where the adjective comes after the noun?  Hmmm....fleurs jaune?   Or maybe fleurs de jaune?  At any rate, loads of tiny, yellow flowers.  And guess who LOVES tiny yellow flowers...


I think I have discovered how to help the bees that are in peril.  Plant lots of kale and let it go to seed. Bees are flocking to my kale flowers.  I mean, yes, it is a terribly ugly plant, and it is right next to my front porch so everybody has to beeline (haha) through a hoard of bees to get in my house, but, it's for the bees. Come on folks, let's do what needs to be done.


It's better than eating the kale, after all.

And now for the blowsy, show-offs of the flower bed...The Peonies.

The kale flowers feel a bit intimidated sitting so close to the peonies, but they have their righteous indignation that even though they might be plain, they're saving the bees and anyway, they like the comfort of their crocs and ponytails versus the 5 inch heels and fluff and spray the peonies have to maintain to look so fancy.

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  1. I think your kale plant gone to seed is tres jolie, but I never knew that that is what it would look like once gone to seed. It actually reminds me of some of the native prairie plants in my neck of the woods. Yep, they look a lot like weeds, but I guess the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There's no doubt, the peonies are waaay more handsome, sigh for the kale. Never tried to eat it either. What's it taste like?... (and please don't say chicken!)

  2. Who knew that kale bloomed pretty little yellow flowers. Do they have a scent? I tried to grow it once and the bugs ate it down to a skeleton. I actually love kale and blend it up in smoothies when I am trying to pretend I am healthy! You can't beat peonies!!

  3. Oh my gosh, too funny, girl! Of course, I love both. And I love bees and actually eating kale, too:) Let's see, what do I not love? Can't think of anything right now, will have to get back to you....

  4. oh I love when the plants go to seed they are actually great for bees and you get free seeds for next year if you use heirlooms.

  5. The bumble bees love our Snapdragons...though our Snapdragons never live long at all. :/

  6. your peonies are gorgeous! I moved just before my bloomed...sniff. sigh. My sister in law just showed me her kale that flowered out and it looks the same as yours. I'll ask her if she has bees.

  7. I love peonies...I can't wait to get me somma those! The kale is beautiful in bloom, but I'm not a huge fan of bees...just sayin...


  8. I've been patiently waiting for my peonies to blossom !!!
    What a gorgeous color -
    I have bees in the backyard too - constantly ducking while I'm planting ( plus keeping an eye out for the groundhog and skunks that love my yard ) and the squirrels that throw tree branches down at my head - and the ducks that came by for a swim in the pool LMHO - I feel like I'm living in a freaking Safari Park.
    Here in Quebec ( mostly French speaking province ) they say Fleurs Jaune..................but it's a very different French spoken in Paris so have no idea what the correct version is !
    Happy weekend ! ( bon fin semaine )

  9. I adore you and all of your silly posts. Love that you are saving the bees. Your kale certainly is working hard for all of humanity. Of course, how you described your kale and then how you described your peonies...I realized my show preference fits in more with the show offy peonies :)

  10. How come I missed that life changing post about kale? I have noticed that bees and humans have a different sense of beauty. My raspberry bushes are always full of bees when the flower is just "blah". "Fleurs jaunes" is the way to say it... As you see I'm always late to correct my students' papers!


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