Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Pressure to Impress...Wicker Baby Booty Project...And our 1st Giveaway!

The agony of anticipation.  The pain of having to be patient.  The thrill of the reveal.

Yeah...wicker baby booties.  Oh the project opportunites...such a versatile product. Endless possibilities.  See why I have a million wicker baby booties in the first place.

I've had many people tell me they can't wait to see what I did with the baby booties to try and entice people to buy them at my yard sale a couple weeks ago...urrmmm...I hope I don't disappoint....they are wicker baby booties, after all...

Ohhh lala!!  That's right.  I have made baby shower decor with the baby booties.  Baby Booty Bunting.  I spray painted the booties with some Krylon Watermelon spray paint.  A cute, bright color and sewed up the bunting which was surprisingly quick and easy.  I've never made a bunting before and I was nervous because I didn't have bias tape, just some sheer ribbon and worried it wouldn't work.  It worked great!   Then I just used some DMC floss and sewed the booties on.

One upside of spray painting wicker booties....the latest in manicure stylishness!  The saleslady at the mall about had a conniption when she saw my "natural" nails and I still refused her attentions to give me the finest nail buffer around.  Leave me alone, lady!!!!  I said back off.  My nails are fine, thank you very much.

I quite enjoyed fabric shopping my stash for this little project.  I wanted to go with pink, red, white and aqua...the aqua mainly because I was using blue ribbon.  But, I think it is adorable and really like the hanging booties.  And the upside with this little project is, My Youngest cannot wait for me to hang this in her bedroom.  See, and I didn't think I'd have any use for the booties.  Interior design possibilities abound!  My Oldest also wants a bunting now...I don't think I'm attaching booties to her's though.

Then I made these little favors to entice people to buy my booties (thanks again lady whose sister isn't even pregnant, but she wants to be prepared for when the blessed event does occur and she can throw a shower on the cheap).

Don't have cellophane?  No problem!

Baggy.  Fill with Candies.  Tie.  Cut.  Prettiness.

When choosing what to tie these with, go with whatever is handy at late:30.  This can be garden twine, ribbon...maybe one of those twisty things on the bread bags, after having made a million yard sale signs, anything was looking good.  Scrunch the candies in the booty and call it done! Super easy shower favor.  Come on!!  Who doesn't want this at their next baby shower. 

I have said booty and booties many times now in this post.  The question is...will I now get rejected for my ads because of adult content?  Tricky.  I mean, I am excited that in 2 years I will get a check from them, so I am crossing my fingers for not.

Giveaway Time!!!!  I need you to tell me what you would do with this amazing product.  The prizes are Grand!!!

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  1. I would make a sweet baby booty sculpture. Using clay and other useful things. It will be glorious.

  2. Love your bunting Heather!! You already know....advent calendar!

  3. If I get enough of them, I would glue them together to make a chair....I love wicker chairs...

  4. Thanks for the great giveaway! I would make a baby bootie wind chime!

  5. I love the party favor. You could also ad them to a diaper wreath or diaper cake.

  6. I would probably make them into teeny tiny planters for our patio. :) Great giveaway!

  7. Hi Heather,

    Oh that bunting would make the best baby shower decoration. Great job. How about tying into the bows on your shower presents:)

    Good job on the giveaway. You rock my friend :) Di

  8. WOW, that bunting is absolutely precious! Congrats on your first giveaway! :)

  9. The bunting is so sweet, Heather! Woo hoo & yay to your first giveaway!!!

  10. I think your nails look great. Lorraine totally stole my wicker chair idea. Actually she didn't but I wish I'd thought of it first.

    Maybe instead I could make a wicker diaper bin. Appropriate, no? However, I have no use for a diaper bin. Or diapers. Perhaps when I'm older...


  11. I wish I could enter the giveaway :-( But I would totally NOT know what to do with those wicker idea whatsoever!!!!! But I love your bunting - your fabric is gorgeous. xxx

  12. First of all, your bunting is AWESOME!! I love the colors and the whole kit and kaboodle! I can see why your youngest wants it to show it off in her room, she has good taste. Next, thank you for the giveaway! Finally I think I would make elf booty ornaments for Christmas. I'd paint them up like you did, and then add some elfy Christmas bling :)

  13. I did mention that you could have like a hundred babies and jam their feet into them...maybe you could plant little succulents into them and glue them together in a group??

  14. I like the favor idea. So cute. How about a baby reveal with blue or pink booties. I'm sure some more-creative-than-me people out there could think of lots of ways to use them.

  15. I think that these would be awesome to fill with anything for a baby shower. As favors, or table decorations, maybe with balloons attached. Thanks for the giveaway!
    bridgestranslationn at yahoo dot com


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