Wednesday, September 18, 2013

God grant me patience...cause I know in my heart this is awesome!

I couldn't ask for more willing pupils.  My girls are eager and excited to learn to crochet, and embroider, and sew using the sewing machine, and craft in any manner I am willing to show them. How eager and excited am I to teach them to crochet? Slightly less excited than they are to learn. There's a reason I am not an elementary school teacher, I lack the patience.  Deep breath.  You can do this, just take it one step at a time. Talking to myself again. This could be a bad sign. Just stop and maybe no one will notice.

Luckily my oldest already knows how to chain.  Phew.  Now, let's just get my youngest on board and then I can think about teaching single crochet at some long distant, future date. Along with sewing machine etiquette, and techniques, and how to bloody not sew your finger into your patchwork.  I need more time.

My baby and the Crochet Chronicles

Okay, first thing you need to hold your yarn and hook correctly, so not like that.

Like this?

Yes, perfect, yarn goes over, under, over.  Now, stick that pointer finger straight out and pinch the yarn with your middle finger and thumb, no, not that finger, this finger.  Now, with your hook go under, around, turn hook, and pull through!

That was easy!!!  Let me do it all by myself.

Wait, you're yarn is no longer wrapped around your fingers correctly. Remember to pinch with thumb and tall one, stick pointer out, get your yarn wrapped...

I can do this BY MYSELF, you know.

Yes, I know you can.

Oh, you've lost your yarn completely.  Let's re-thread. Now, over, under, over... Remember to pinch. Stick that one... okay, got it.... no, stick that one out... pinch with this finger, not that one... okay....

This is fun, huh Mama?


*****Never under estimate the power of sticking your tongue out to help steer*****
***Really get that elbow working for you, not against you***

Under, around, turn hook and pull through!  Good job!  Oh wait, not that way, the other way. Through there, turn, loosen the yarn just a touch, not that much, and pull.

Mama, Mama, look, I made this ALL BY MYSELF!!!!!

Great job Sweetie!

When can we practice again?

Ohhhhhh, I don't know, in a while?  Someday?  Soon, I promise-ish.

I love to sew!!!!!

Thanks for reading!


  1. HAHA this made me laugh. You have great patience. I look forward to teaching our girls to sew but mostly I dread it (especially the blasted needle safety). Your kiddo did pretty well...good teacher :)

  2. Okay, laughing my rump off! Thankfully, my daughter didn't ask to learn to crochet until she was early teens, so it wasn't QUITE so trying! I'm loving those pictures tho!!


  3. Bahahahaha, oh she is so cute, I am with you though trying to teach Elizabeth to knit made me want to brake every needle so there would be an excuse as to why we couldn't do it anymore. I am not good crafting with kids, Elizabeth is okay now she is older but I rarely do things with the little two, it makes me feel guilty.

    Good on you for trying though!

  4. Aw she did a great job, that smile in the last pic alone is worth the concentrated effort to be patient. ;)

    My gram taught me and my oldest son to crochet. I still remember how awesome it was to learn, and he was just talking about it the last time he came to visit. Those things do stick with ya.

    LOL at Mel's comment above me on breaking her needles, ahhahahaha

  5. Oh this is an awesome post Heather! I love it! If I had a dime for every time Jacob said, "I can do this my self" well...I'd hire you to teach me to crochet!!! Your little one's look of accomplishment is priceless and so is this post!

  6. OMGee your little one is soooooo cute! Love that she is learning so young and with such determination!!

  7. Hi Heather,

    Oh how sweet. And momma is sweet too, trying so hard. Who is trying the hardest?

    Reminds me of trying to teach mine to tie their shoes, every morning, before school, running late....

  8. How cool that you have been able to document this precious moment!! She really did it and she'll be a pro in no time. Great idea to take it one step at a time rather than the full-on "let's learn to crochet a!!"

  9. Oh Heather. You are hilarious. I love that your girls are so eager to learn and that your patience (like mine) can sometimes be challenged when trying to teach something. This post made me laugh. Thanks!


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