Monday, September 9, 2013

How to make a bunting...Easy...really! Oh, and the winner of the giveaway is announced!

They're everywhere.  Buntings.  They don't look particularly hard, but you've never made one and maybe would like to see how simple they are.  Don't need a template.  Don't need bias tape.  Just some fabric, some ribbon, cutting implements and sewing machine....and baby booties, if ya got em!

Let's get started...

Decide how big you want your flags.  I chose 7 inches long and 5 inches wide at the base.

As long as you can line your ruler up correctly, cutting out these flags is a cinch and quick!

1: Cut your piece of fabric 7" wide, by however long, around 13" or so (depending how many triangles you want to make out of a particular piece of fabric), and square up the end nice and straight.

2:  Line up your fabric as evenly as possible on your mat.  At the top of the fabric, make sure the very edge of the ruler, intersects the very top point of the fabric.

3. Now working at the bottom edge of the fabric... you are going to cut a line 2.5" in from your squared edge, so you need to align your ruler's 1/2" mark 3 inches in, while keeping the ruler on it's angle.  This is so your ruler will be nice and straight and the final cut will be 2.5" in from the edge, and you'll have the first half of a triangle.  We're doing a 5" base, remeber?  So 2.5" is half of 5.  Okay, making sure your ruler is lined up, cut.

4.  Swing your ruler the other way, and commence 2nd angle.  This time make sure the bottom of your ruler sharply intersects the bottom point, make sure the top of your ruler is now 5" to the side of the first cut.  Cut.  You have a perfect triangle.  Continue cutting flags.  Swing the ruler the other way, making sure it's 5" apart.  Line up your points and cut!  Make as many as you need for your bunting.  My ribbon is 6 feet long and I have 9 flags as well as 8 booties.  Adjust accordingly.

5.  Cut backs for your flags.  They need to be double sided.  I may have used this old pillow case.

6.  Pin fronts and backs together.  Sew a straight seam, 1/4" from the edge...I did not sew the top edge, it will get sewn in a minute.

7.  Pink the edges so they don't fray too much.

8.  Evenly space your flags.  Pin in place on your ribbon, making sure they are 1/4" above the bottom edge of the ribbon.

9.  Sew flags in place, using a 1/8" seam. 

10.  Fold over the top edge of the ribbon, and stitch it in place.

You're done.  Unless you want to sew some dangling chads, I mean, dangling baby booties on.

Hang and enjoy.  This project really only took 30 minutes, max.  I was pleasantly surprised by how quick and easy it was.  I will be making buntings for everything, from now on!

Thanks for reading!

Oh want to know the winner of my sweet 1st giveaway!!

Okay, drum roll please...

Denise M.  Please contact me and let me know your Email address and we'll go from there!!

Thanks again everybody!!



  1. Hey! I used that SAME pink fabric (with the daisies) when I made my daughter's quilt/pillow when she left for college!

    If you don't hear from Denise M, you can always call me Denise M temporarily. =D


  2. Nice post, great blog, following :)

    Good Luck :)

  3. Love the bunting. It looks adorable. What a great use for those wicker baby booties!

  4. I was thinking you really can use them for so many things (football season instantly came to mind). :) It turned out nice, and 'grats to your winner!

  5. Such a cute little bunting, you need to have a baby so you can use it!!!

  6. Well you certainly made that look easy!! I had a terrible time getting my pennants right last year! Thanks for the tips girl!

  7. Love the bunting hun - such pretty fabric. xx


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