Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Just call me Farmer

I think, I have finally attained the distinction of farmer.

I've been telling everyone who asks, that I anticipate my first egg sometime around the end of September/the beginning of October.  And look what I found in the coop this morning!!!  Not in the nesting boxes, but that's okay, it was under their roosting branch.

In an effort to convince them to lay in the nesting boxes next time, I filled them full of nice clean wood chips, placed an eggish looking rock in each side, and hopefully I'll start finding the eggs there.

I am surprised by how big it was, and very nicely egg shaped, with its lovely light brown shell.

Crack.  I actually didn't mean to crack the shell this morning, I was just setting it down, and well, things happen.  My plan was to cook it up and let the entire family have a taste.

Instead, I got to enjoy a lovely egg breakfast all by myself.

Tomorrow I'll let the girls go take a peek inside and see what they can find.  My Oldest will tell you, gathering the eggs is her job after all.

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  1. Oh wow. Wow. Wow! Yay, chickens! And yes, you are definitely a farmer now. Farmer Heather. Has a nice ring:)
    "If you want to be, do." Hey, that quote was meant for you, but it fits the chickens too. If you want to be chickens, lay eggs! Haha:)

  2. Oh how exciting! You must feel so proud. I love that you "accidentally" cracked an egg so you could have breakfast all to yourself :)

  3. are a farm girl for sure! Congratulations on eating your first grandbaby....LOL!!!

  4. Hiya Farmer!! There's nothing better than a free range egg! I found when my chickens started to lay (when I had them years ago), they would lay double yolkers in the beginning. Hope that you get to experience that too!

  5. I am so jealous. Doesn't anyone realize how much I want my neighbors to get chickens so I can have fresh eggs without the work of chickens?!? :)

    Lucky Duck! Or...Chick!!!


  6. I'm so envious! You have chickens - and they lay eggs! I would it if I could have that, of course I'm sure the zoning laws in the Chicago suburbs prohibit anything close :p. So cool, Heather, I look forward to seeing how bountiful your lot becomes ~ Amy

  7. Hey, you got a score there!! Happy breakfasting. :)

  8. Is it me or are more and more people becoming " farmers " ???
    I live in the heart of the city - don't think it would be welcomed lol - but lucky you !!!


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