Monday, September 23, 2013

Billionaire Cookie Bars....everything you ever wanted...AND MORE

Sometimes Pinterest has just what you need....other times it has handsome pics of Ryan Gosling saying "Hey girl, I love when I come home and see you still in your pajamas, show me what you've made today."  Which, I mean, alright, I guess we need those.  Click..  And other times it has stuff like, how to get 6 pack abs in only 21 days...and well, nah!!!  I'd rather click on what I really need, the Billionaire Cookie Bars Pin...and believe me, it was the right pin to pick.

Let me just show you why, these are the perfect dessert ever devised.

Layers.  This cookie bar has layers upon layers of everything good.


Salted Caramel.

Raw Cookie Dough.

Chocolate Ganache.   Heaven!

I had to alter mine just slightly, due to a rather unfortunate agreement with my brother.  Instead of using refined white sugar, I used raw sugar.  I also did not have fleur de sel, not to say I didn't look for it, but my grocery store did not have it, so I used considerably less kosher salt in my caramel.  Don't ask about the chocolate chips...I must have forgotten to check whether there was sugar in them or not...but it was dark chocolate, not milk, so there clearly was less than otherwise, and so we're going on the assumption that there was no sugar, and I only had the teeniest bite, and then made The Mister take the ENTIRE pan to work because of the temptation.  It came back empty.

The raw sugar worked quite well, to be honest, but it did make the cookie dough layer....extremely crunchy.  So, there you have it.  His co-workers did not mind in the least and he has regaled me with stories of them coming back for seconds and then thirds.  And now they all want the recipe.  He's not sure he's going to give them my blog address so they can get it...thinks I might embarrass him.  What nerve.

The doll I made in The Mister's likeness and gave to him for his birthday.  What, how the heck did that get here?  Anyway, back to the cookie bars of love, heaven and joy...

I got creative and tried cutting them multiple ways, to see which I liked best.  I liked them both equally.  Gooey, delicious salted caramel!  Crumbly, buttery shortbread.  Scrumptious raw cookie dough.  Rich and creamy chocolate ganache!   Also, no eggs.  So, for those of you who cannot eat eggs, do not fret as you still get the most luscious dessert known to man.  Lucky you.

Thanks to Kevin and Amanda for reviewing the cookbook "The Cookie Dough Lovers Cookbook" and making this and pinning it.  Please click here for the recipe so you can make this for yourself and change your life forever for the better.  I am forever in their debt.  Please go check them out and see what all the fuss is about.

Thanks for reading!



  1. I am trying my best not to jump through my computer screen and snatch one of those from your kitchen! Those are my idea of.....HEAVEN! Sharing and pinning! Opps, I just licked my screen. ;)

  2. Oh Heather, this is the post that makes me wish my Dad would hurry up and get home and replace my oven....YUM!!!!

  3. Oh Lord help me...these look to die for Heather!! I love that you made them with raw sugar and no eggs! I'm looking forward to changing my life forever...LOL!!

  4. I need these right now. Unfortunately I will have to go shopping to make them or I would be in the kitchen right now. I love your man dolly. I wish I could knit (or crochet)....I can never tell the difference. I would make Mr FT one for sure. Going to check out the recipe and will pin it for future use....maybe this afternoon if I get to town. hehe

  5. Oh. Freaking. Yum. This looks like the perfect combination to put me into a very happy coma. My rump and I both thank you.


  6. Those look delicious. If you ever need to pawn off baked goods, send some my way :).

    And, that doll you made in your husband's likeness is adorable and kind of hilarious. At first I thought he had blue armpit hair :). You are a talented lady.

  7. Those look insanely good. I can see what the plate came back empty. Mister doll is adorably handsome by the way... pinned the bars for later, so I know just where to find them :)


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