Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Thanks, Chickens.

There is a lot of good that comes with having chickens.

I get gorgeous, high-quality eggs every single day in a rainbow of colors.  I know my chickens roam around, peck the ground and eat all kinds of creepy crawlies that strengthen the healthful qualities of their eggs.  I get the pleasure of watching them wander around, pecking and babbling to each other.  Watch them as they race across the yard at full speed, wings splayed, to chest butt anyone in their way.

Buuuttttt....there are some drawbacks.

If you have chickens, they will dig and scratch and make a complete disaster of your yard.  This is just part of the mess they have made.  Rocks and ground cover all over the lawn instead of where they should be, in the flower beds and borders. Thanks, chickens.

Side rant.  Do you see all the raspberries that are deciding my grass is the perfect place to spread? Yeah....not awesome.  Couldn't they spread in the flower beds where I would appreciate them?  Guess once we put all the rocks and bark back, we'll mow them down and see what happens.  Thanks, raspberries.

Back to original rant...


My gooseberry bush.  Pecked to bare branches.  Only bits of green left. If you'll notice I am trying (unsuccessfully, I might add) to keep the chickens away.  The tomato cage, T-Ball stand and one of Ginger's bowls haven't exactly turned out to be the super good gooseberry bush protectors I was hoping for.  At least they've stopped them from digging and exposing the roots.  Thanks, Chickens.

This is my hope of harvest, this bit of green.  Think I'll get a handful of berries?  Luckily the thorns are growing and maybe that will deter them.

To try and change their taste buds, I ripped off a handful of tarragon and tossed it in.  

Yay!  Snacks!!  

Wait....what the hell is this?

Come on chickens, eat the tarragon!!  You can eat all of it!  I grow it for you.

Whatever, we're totes out of here!  Come back when you've brought us some bits of ham and cucumber shavings.

Thanks, Heather!

Oh yeah, well, right back at you, thanks, Chickens!



  1. Hehehe....I saw GINGER!! YAY! Those clucking chickens. They just can't be trusted. But they sure are purdy.


  2. this made me laugh. I was just over my friend house today. She has 2+5 chickens. Good luck. They surely make good eggs

  3. They are eating the plentiful spring bugs! Turn some dirt where you want them (away from plants). They will hang out there all day.

  4. Oh I hope your berries survive it all Heather!! REmember how stinkin cute they all were when you first got them??!! LOL! At least they are earning their keep with eggs!

  5. I love reading about your chickens. Even with your rant...I think I still want some :)

  6. Gosh, they're cute. It seems worth it just for that, and of course the eggs. You are certainly trying creative ways to ward them off. I like the T-ball stand idea. I know if you keep at it, you are going to find just the right balance between yard and chicks. I just know it!!

  7. I love your chickens and I'm jealous that you have them I already have animals that spread my rocks everywhere they're call children lol

  8. Now I want chickens again....but I just have to think back to this winter and hauling water through five foot drifts seems too daunting. I will just enjoy yours from afar. I think you might have to rethink your lawn area. Those raspberries can be pretty persistent...you can always become a wino like me!

  9. Yep, there's always pros and cons to pets. The kids and I want a puppy, but that always brings about this big list of why we can't have one (the cons)) from dad. Some day we will wear him down. ;)

    And lol about the Tarragon. :)


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