Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Deers are Very Versatile

My house is being over-run by deers.  And yes, I know deer is the plural, but I like calling them deers.  More fun.

Pretty pillow.

On my Deer Quilt I used multiple strips of fabric for the deer head.  I love the look.

But, sometimes simple is preferred.  I can get this pillow sewn up in an hour, lickity split, using just one fabric for the deer.  Perfect to give as a gift.

I love deer for two least.  I am sure I love them for more, but here's two reasons why I love them.

1.  My sister and I have a game called the Dead Deer Game...Don't judge.  I am from the foothills in deer country and if you don't hit a deer in the twilight, sometime in your life, you can't call yourself a Utahn.  So the game is this:  You watch for any sign of a dead deer on the side of the road or in the brush.  You call it by hollering: "Dead Deer!!!"  And you keep track of how many dead deer you see in a season.  Dead deer season goes from about November to March.

The kicker is, if you call, oh, let's say a piece of carpet, then you have to deduct two dead deer points from your tally.  You've got to keep an eagle eye.  It's tricky because you'd be surprised how many bushes look like dead deer.   How many discarded chairs look like dead deer.  How many mounds of just dirt look like dead deer.  And if, say, you accidentally call a dead coyote thinking it's a dead deer....minus two points. And, you can only call a deer once.  So, you have to keep careful track of which dead deer you have called and make sure to inform your sister that she CANNOT call the dead deer on the off ramp to Mom's house because, well, you already did. 

Oh yes, one more thing....stray dogs count as a dead deer.  But it has to be an actual stray dog and not a dog simply walking a few steps in front of its owner.  Again, if you call a stray dog and isn't a stray....minus two...well I think you get the idea.

2.  I grew up in deer country.   It is not unusual for a gazillion deer to be where you are.  I can remember one frosty, moon-lit night I was driving home at an unmentionably late hour and there was a herd of at least a couple hundred deer on the road and in the fields I was driving through.  It was so magical, I stopped and simply enjoyed the beauty of nature...until some jack-A honked at me to move.  

My children will have memories of being at Grandma's house, somebody shouting DEER, running to the windows and watching several deer, including fawns, wander through the yard on their way to greener pastures.  Oh and of having to watch where you step because of the pellets they leave behind.  Thanks, deer.

3.  I figured out a third reason why I like deer...sort of.  In the town I grew up in, they actually made it legal to hunt deer inside the city limits with bow and arrow.  Oh yeah!!  I can just envision the hunters now, tracking bucks between the picket fences and swing sets all decked out in their camo.  Good times.

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  1. HILARIOUS!!!!!! That's WAY better than Slug Bug! I love your deers. My parents sometimes have upwards of a dozen deers in their backyard.

    I've never hit one in my car. Thankfully.


  2. oh dear! or should I say...oh deer :) do you eat Bambi?

  3. LOL That is hilarious. I want in on this game except I will have to call dead gopher. (similar to prairie dogs). Why we can see a hundred dead gophers from here to town in one trip. Dead gopher....just saw one. No worries, hubby's driving. Dead gopher....that's two! Awe he just hit one for sweet. Dead gopher, thats three.....just kidding. Sitting here on my couch. Anyways, your pillows are amazing. I can't believe you can whip one of those up in an hour. You really are the "Sewing Queen" Your song....Watch that seam, dig it the Sewing Queen!

  4. Heather, you are too much. My goodness. Yes, apparently, so many reasons to love deer :)

    That deer quilt is AMAZING.

  5. You never cease to crack me up... thanks, Deer Heather, I needed a good laugh. (Okay, not nearly as funny), but anywho, I wasn't aware that Utah was so chock full O'Deer (I can't stop myself now, see what you've done? I even went Irish on this one.) No, but seriously, in my parts, it would have to be squirrel or skunk. Your deer pillow is just fabulous. Pinned ~ Amy

  6. I was going to comment on how gorgeous the pillows are, but they I began to picture you with a bow and arrows, hunting deers...

  7. Gorgeous you are such a dear! You can come here and play dead kangaroo because we not have deer which makes me sad :(

  8. Ha! I love your dead deer game. Very creative! But....I love your pillows more! So bright, cheery and colorful..unlike a dead deer.

  9. It's legal to hunt here w/a bow and arrow, and w/a gun. We have a lot of land w/a good amount of deer in the back. My oldest son wants to come here and go hunting. I won't have it. I like my deer. Yeah, I know they're not mine, but they come in my yard and possession (while they're in it) is 9/10 of the law, or so 'they' say. ;) I much prefer seeing them in my yard walking around, or on your cute pillows. :)


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