Monday, April 7, 2014

Easter Pilllows

I have been teasing about my Deer Quilt.  It's coming.  Soon.  This week.  I promise.  I did give a small glimpse when I was cursing out the internet for existing.

But first, it's almost Easter, so the only thing to do....make pillows.  Easter pillows.

I spent all weekend basically, mitering corners.  If you look at the borders around each Easter critter...that's a mitered corner.  They're more involved than your standard border.  They look classier, but they're a pain in the tuckus.  I love them.  But I hate them.  But I love them.  I have a complicated relationship with my sewing.

Mitered corners.  So pretty, so mean.

I'm particularly happy with how they turned out because while they are pure Easter, baby chick cute, they've got a little edge to them.

And when I say my baby lamb pillow is edgy, just nod your head and go with it. 

I also think how freaking awesome these would be as a baby blanket.  Minus the choke-hazard tail.

My favorite part, speaking of choke hazards....has to be their tails.  Ugggh.  Cuteness overload!  Fabric rosettes, it cannot be helped.  I am getting my Etsy store up and running, so if anybody is interested, shoot me a line.  I'll let you know when things are ready to go....aka when the husband gets it figured out for me.

Happy tails to you
Until we meet again.

Happy tails to you
Keep Smiling until then...

Thanks for reading!



  1. Bunny butts and Lamb butts! Mairzy doats and dozy doats and liddle lamzy divey!!!! I love them! I'm hiring you for all my mitered corners from now on. No one puts Miter in a corner.


  2. Oh they're gorgeous Heather. Mitred corners are for wood projects only in the house...because when sewing makes me want to scream I go with it and no appreciates it.

  3. Love/ Hate relationship with sewing, hahaha! You're too funny, but your pillows are JUST RIGHT. They're cute as can be and those corners.. they really do look superior to standard stitched corners. What's that they say? You'll get nowhere in life with out a little hard work. Job well done ;)

  4. You are the Sewing Queen!!! Those pillows are amazing!! I am kinda glad I only choked on my coffee this morning. Choking on bunny and lamb butts doesn't sound as appealing, unless they are chocolate. BTW, are you going to do a tutorial on mitred corners? The only corners I have mitred are with mouldings....I am intrigued! They look so pro.

  5. As always..I bow to your mad mitering sewing skills! Love the pillows and their too cute tails. You are cuter than a spring chick yourself girl!

  6. oh the cuteness! I agree with you on the miter corner look...but...I will stick to the simple and plain corners :)

  7. You def. should have an Etsy store, and hurrah that you're going to. The pillows are great (and those corners are rocking)! I laughed at your 'edgy baby lamb' statement. He is edgy, that little guy has got it going on!! :)

  8. Mitered corners...glad I have my mom to do those for me :). Your pillows are adorable. Love the rosette tails. Now, are the chickens a bit jealous you didn't do any chick pillows?


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