Friday, April 11, 2014

Promises, Promises....The Deer Quilt

I might just post pictures as this is my favorite quilt to date.  HA!  As if I wouldn't have words.

Each quilt I make is always my favorite as soon as I've made them, but this one....well, be still, my heart.

It is a Beating Hearth, original design and I couldn't be happier.  The bold colors and pattern really grab your attention.  I also like that I made it asymmetrical, but it certainly could be personalized any other way just by changing around the blocks to your liking.  I made a queen, but any quilt size can be made, including wall hangings of just the deer head.

This quilt is a mixture of piecing and machine applique and because the blocks are all 24.5 x 24.5 inches it is a fairly quick quilt to make, but still has serious impact!

The fabric I used is the gorgeous Innocent Crust by Anna Maria Horner.  I am so happy I saved myself...errr...this fabric for this quilt.  The Mister has declared it the first Man Quilt I have ever made. Shhhh....don't tell him I used such girly fabric.  The deer have obviously tricked him into thinking it's macho.

On my half square triangles, I wanted the pattern to be a point.  If you'll notice I've got Innocent Crush fabric on the top triangles and a coordinating solid on the bottom triangles.  I also have them all pointing the same direction.  Random is good, but too random is bad as it confuses the eyes.  Having the pieces arranged precisely keeps the eyes moving, but not freaking out.

If you have never machine appliqued, this is a fun way to learn.  If you have never pieced a quilt, this is a fun way to learn.  The techniques are simple, but wow!

I am guessing by Monday I'll have this pattern up on Etsy.  So if you're interested, stop back and I'll have all the info you need so you can make this yourself.  I can just imagine it super manly with deep colors, all in solids or even girlier than this in pretty pastels. 

Thanks for stopping by deer readers!

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  1. Heather, you've outdone yourself. This is just beautiful!!! I love all the colors you choose, it really pops and would brighten up any cabin or rustic home in a Beating Hearth!! I see what you mean about keeping the solids on the bottom, because it really lets those pretty deer shine. It's gorgeous. I love it. I'm pinning and sharing!

  2. Deer Heather,

    This is stunning! So much work. The colours are beautiful and the pattern is lovely... I might be singing "Rudolph, the colour-quilted deer" all afternoon, though!

  3. Heather! You are a quilting genius! This is gorgeous. I love the choice of fabrics too. Funny how easily men can be tricked but be careful when you hang that on the clothesline as you don't want some hunters thinking they "bagged one" Good job girl. I am pinning this one!

  4. Macho, macho deer.....I got to be...a macho deer....

    AWESOME quilt!!! If I ever get this house done Ima make another quilt. I miss quilting. And Jamie Fraser. Mostly Jamie Fraser.


  5. Heather, that is just absolutely beautiful! Well done Hun it is just gorgeous!

  6. OMG I have to have it!!!! Ship it on over girlfriend! Seriously - its so stunning Roo, I'm so proud of you!!!!

  7. Wow!!! Wow!!!! Oh Wowww! Love it. Your talent is just amazing. The quilt is gorgeous. I agree with hubby, it's manly. Though, I've never seen such cute deer heads! Love the applique work.
    Ummm, I had no idea you had an etsy shop...duh!!! Sorry about that! You could so do a post featuring your shop:)
    Fantastic job, Heather!

  8. WOW. This is now my favorite quilt too. You are the paper piecing queen. Love the fabrics, love the design. I love everything. Job well done.

  9. That'd be awesome for my in-laws hunting cabin (there I go w/the hunting thing again). :)

    It really came out pretty!

  10. Oh Heather, you've outdone yourself with this one I do believe! It is just stunning and I can see why it is your favorite! I'm sorry I missed when you posted this and I was wondering if you had, so I came searching. I have missed so much during this reno and was trying to keep up, but well, best laid plans! Wish I'd had a quilt like this when I had the cabin. I was always looking for ways to brighten it up a bit and this sure would have given it some pizazz!


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