Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Back that thang up much do you remember of the late 90's?  Maybe my sister will be the only one to appreciate the title of today's post....watching our free music channel, The Box...NOT MTV, because we didn't have cable in our apartment when we were going to "college", and rocking out to censored rap music.    We never called in to request anything, probably due to the fact that $0.99 at the time was a pretty significant chunk of change and we could go to the dollar show instead and watch "10 Things I Hate About You" with our homies.

...yeah...I just said I had homies.  Sorry.  Sometimes this Utah girl thinks she's really legit...too legit to quit.  Oh gosh...I think the fact that I just quoted MC Hammer makes me super not legit.  Do you know when I was in Elementary school, the boy I had a crush on wore hammer pants sigh (do you think I can convince The Mister to wear some?).  I also performed a rap in 6th grade.  I can probably sing it for you right now.

"We're in the 6th grade and we're really cool because we go to Highland Elementary School.
something something something
We go to lunch and we all get sick because the food tastes like a grated brick"

Ummmmmm....Yeah.  There's a reason I am not in the music biz.  In my defense, there were at least four other girls making this rap up with me.

Sad I can't remember the entire rap anymore.  Oh well, maybe it'll come to me.

I am working on the back for my AWESOME deer quilt that will be revealed....probably next week.  You know, it's probably rude of me to call something I made my own self, awesome, but I really, really like it. Almost as much as I like bad booty rap.

Don't look too closely at it, though.  See, I just started sewing and thought I had plenty of fabric, but I didn't. This is what happens when you just start sewing for fun and don't have an actual plan.  I started with the orchid fabric (which happens to be the color of the year, yay me), then had to switch to the darker purple to finish the blocks.  Then I thought I needed to put the corner squares in....but didn't as those made it too big.  So I started unpicking and then got tired of it.

So I just cut the excess fabric off on some of my blocks leaving the previous seam intact.  Urrgghhh...this is terrible sewing.  Don't do it.  But, it is what it is.  If I am sewing I have to enjoy it and I HATE un-picking.  I figured it's going on the back so nobody'll really see it anyway.  Seam remains and I don't give a fig.  I also left some of the corner pieces on some and on some...not.  Sorry for how wrinkly it is.  No time to iron, apparently.

Then I ran out of my green fabric for the outer triangles....Oh well.  I am perfectly happy with it.  I think the trees are cute.

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  1. Hey wrappa girl?? That deer quilt is lookin pretty legit to these eyes, lol!!

    It's looking so pretty Heather, and why would you iron before your done, anyway?? Now just one question... may I ask what a deer quilt is? I can't wait to hear, I love to learn new things. Keep up the good work, I can't wait to see it when it's all done!

  2. You have done well. Isn't that how quilting started? (using scraps of fabric and what you had on hand?)

  3. Wow! I'm impressed with your rapping skills. Pretty wild for a rebel morman!! I think your trees look lovely and looking forward to the finished post. (Don't you have some fabric scraps you could make some quilted hammer pants for your mister from??)

  4. I think we need to bow to you sista! Your stage name should be Vanilla H. I can't believe you are putting your forest on the back of your quilt. It should be up front and in your face rapper girl! Gorgeous!

  5. I was really impressed by your quilt when I saw the pictures, then I read and that rap is so good that it sort of erased the quilt from my mind. You should consider a carrier as a lyricist! Now, I'm trying to imagine any rapper quilting...

  6. your trees are cute...your rap hmm! I was as dumb as I will ever be in the 90's I'd be happy not to relive them again, but thanks for reminding me about the joys of men in hammer pants, don't think Julian would wear them, but good luck convincing the hubs to wear them LOL

  7. rap for me...ever. But the quilt? Awesome! I'm glad I'm not the only one who flies by the seat of her hammer pants when she starts a project.


  8. And, because you quoted MC Hammer...I now love you even more ;)


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