Friday, October 5, 2012

Not-so-Spooky disembodied Hands...Homemade Halloween for Everyone

Are Halloween decorations like children where you can't have a favorite?  Because...this is the 3rd part of my series on simple and cheap decorations...and it may be my favorite...

Again, this uses pretty basic tools...Food Handlers gloves, cute candy, festive ribbons and tape.

Here's what you do.  Get a food-handlers glove.  This may be the only thing that you will have a hard time finding.  And do not make the same mistake I did where I bought latex gloves the first time the jumbo mega tub.  No good.  They must be food handlers gloves.  They are clear, for one.  Also they aren't going to stretch all over the place.  Did I mention that I bought a ginormous box of Costco latex gloves the first year I tried this...anyone need some latex gloves?  Anyone?

Now, take festive candies and fill up the gloves.  Make sure to get the fingers good and full. 

Don't go all the way to the top with the candy because you need to tie a knot to prevent spillage.  This is a bit of a trick because I want mine to be quite full...and so I twist the empty portion good and tight and from there I tie my knot.

Take your ribbon, tie a double knot below the knot in the gloves.

Tape to the top of your door.

The End

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Heather you are on fire with your cute decorations! These might be my favorite! Hope you find a use for all those other gloves!

    1. Danni...don't worry...I'll figure something out. Thanks for the love!

  2. These are adorable! And who doesn't want a handful of fun halloween candy!? I do a similar project with the preschoolers but we put candy corns in the tips of the fingers (as nails) and fill the rest with cheesy popcorn.

    1. Sherry, that sounds so cute! I love the fingernail idea!

  3. These are the BEST !!! I just pinned, i love 'em :P


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