Friday, October 12, 2012

World Egg Day Today!!

That's right folks, you read it right here.  Today, October 12th is World Egg Day.  So, do what you gotta do...and make something with eggs today!  I am going to show you two recipes in this post because...I've got two egg recipes to talk about.  And this is the day to do it.

egg ham breakfast sandwich

First off: Gourmet Egg and Ham Breakfast Sandwiches.  Now, listen, this ain't no ordinary, run of the mill mcsandwich.  No sir.  This is upping the sandwich style big time!

Can I just say that The Mister has made it known that he married me mainly because I make these for him upon occasion.  C'est la vie.  It is what it is after all.  So ladies, if you are looking to get yourself a man...put these under advisement.

English some nice quality English Muffins. some nice quality ham from the deli...the good stuff.  Not too sweet.  Just a nice, salty ham.  1 lb. many as you think your family will eat.
American Cheese Slices...My husband and girls favorite kind of cheese
Kraft Sandwich Spread...what is this stuff?  I don't know, but for whatever reason, they are a must on this breakfast sandwiches.

What you do...

First, turn your oven to 200 F.

Now, take a neat pile of much as you want on each sandwich and place in a lightly greased pan over medium-high heat.  Cook until they get a little caramelized on each side.  Once done, place on an oven-safe plate and pop in the oven until ready.  This way your ham stays warm while everything else cooks!

Tear your English Muffins in half.  Hopefully you got the nice ones that come apart easily and not the nasty ones that you have to end up getting the serrated knife to do the job.  Place in toaster oven and toast until nice and golden.

Scramble your eggs to your liking.  Now, you could also fry the eggs...but my family likes their eggs scrambled, so that's how I do it.

Okay, now work fast!!!  Take the English muffins out of the toaster and spread with Sandwich spread.  Put a slice of American Cheese.  Next top with some of that grilled ham.  Next top with some of your eggs.  Top with other slice of English muffin.  Devour.

You will never look at a breakfast sandwich the same way again.  Quality ingredients make all the difference.  I'm telling you...a proposal will come your way. 

Next recipe...

How to boil and egg...properly.

Hey, yeah, this needs a recipe.  Because, I have seen some nasty boiled eggs in my time...all grayish green....shudder.   So, here it is...

Place your eggs in a pot.  Cover them completely with cold water.  Bring to a boil.  Once they have boiled, remove from heat, put lid on and let sit for 15 minutes.  Once 15 minutes have passed.  Rinse in cold water.

Voila!  Boiled eggs.  Now...if you want to make something fancy out of the perfectly cooked boiled eggs...prepare yourself.  You need some...

And some green olives with pimentos in.    And some paprika.

Take a heaping spoonful of the sandwich spread.  Some salt and pepper and combine with the removed yolks.  Whip until smooth.  Spoon into your empty egg halves.

Sprinkle with paprika.  Add a halved olive in the center and what do you have...

Spooky eye-ball deviled eggs.  Perfect for your Halloween...uhhhh...luncheon with the ladies.

Okay, I guess that was technically 3 recipes.

Enjoy World Egg Day.  I know I'm gonna!

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  1. I haven't tried that spread yet but it sounds pretty darn good lol. Those breakfast sandwiches look husband-landing good!!!

    1. Sherry, this spread is my mama's secret ingredient. They are seriously good sandwiches.

  2. Did I know it was world egg day yesterday? NO! Does it count if I have them today? Your sandwich looks great and those deviled! and spooky!

    1. Danni, it totally counts! :) Thanks for the love.

  3. Yum! I need to buy some of the sandwich spread! Sharing!

    1. Thanks Mary. This is my mom's recipe. If you find out you're not a fan of the mystery ingredient, you can always just butter your english muffins. But, I'm telling you, The Mister, thinks these are awesome!

  4. Move on over egg mcmuffin!!! These would be good at breakfast, lunch or dinner ;)


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