Thursday, October 16, 2014

Another one bites the dust...

Au revoir mon portable.  That's French for, see ya laptop. At least that's what Google Translate tells me.  I could probably ask my kids...

What I'm really trying to say is this: My laptop bit the dust.  Hard.

Mad Baby
Kid, I feel your pain.  So that means I'm using The Mister's POS computer that he bought simply to experiment on.  See, he's in school for computer-y stuff and needed something we wouldn't feel bad about if it started emitting sparks and smoke.

I thought I'd give you a quick peek into what I've been up to even though it pains me to use this computer any more than necessary...

If you've ever wanted to see what happens when a chicken molts.  Yeah, not a pretty sight.  I had no idea how many feathers these girls actually  have.  They are absolutely everywhere!

It's alright, Dolly, all the ladies will have to go through the change sooner or later.  You're just an early bloomer and all the other girls will be jealous of the cool, heroin-chic look that you're bringing back,  The 90's are so in right now.

It's only going to get worse from here.  She's looking pretty good, still.  I'll keep you updated on the molt situation.

 Thanks to my ladies, I've had a surplus of eggs.  That means frozen quiches.  Yum!

nine patch in nine patch
 Oh, and this, my worst quilt idea ever resurrected into something I sorta, kinda love.  Resurrection...quilt style.

My Oldest in her first ever swim team competition.  She's at the far side of the pool.  So much fun to watch.

What My Youngest wants.  I love seeing her figuring out how to spell.  Do you notice she wants a unicorn...right, I'll get right on that..  A cat, The Mister has something to say about this: No.  An earring.  Just one? I wonder if she's turning pirate on me.  A hors, see unicorn because it's just as likely she'll get this as that.  And a tevey.  We have two teveys in this house.  One that has actual TV, and one that's just hooked up to a DVD player in the basement where I send the girls to watch Monster High for the 800th time, and we are capped out on numbers of teveys allowed in this house.

I think the only one she's got any chance at, is the singular earring.

 I'm adding pockets to things for very important reasons.

 I made this and maybe had my praises sung from the rooftops.

bread salad
 I made this and sung my own praises. Bread Salad.

Persian-style Quilt
And I made this.  Which I LOVE LOVE LOVE!  And The Mister hates.  I think it's a sign that he doesn't really love me.

I am probably going to be stuck with this computer as I made the choice to not get a decent one....yet. I'll try and resolve myself to just get over my hatred of it, pull up my big girl panties and just use the dang thing.  We'll see.

Thanks for reading!


  1. So sorry for your computer woes but on the bright side, you have great looking food and a unicorn to look forward to. Life doesn't get any better than a UNICORN! Now I want one......PS Your quilts are amazing and I am loving your technology pockets! That's what I have officially named them. Cheers.

  2. Oh BOO...still no laptop fixie. Hey...maybe the girl really wants an hors d'oeuvre?? It's a Frenchy post, after all, right? My mom calls them horses ovaries, so naturally, I do too. And what's up with hubster not loving the quilt?? Sheesh. We need to have a serious chat with that dude. Did you get my response to your e-mail a few days ago? I didn't hear back from you and I wanted to make sure my response didn't fall into the interweb abyss. Sometimes they do. :/


  3. On the plus side, your French translation was perfect, but it means bad news for your computer in every language! I love your daughter's list... I think maybe you can surprise her with a pair of earrings, since you don't want to get her a unicorn... Or maybe you could convince your husband about the unicorn... I read not to many people are allergic to them...

  4. I cannot believe you are not going to get that girl a unicorn!! What kind of mom are you??? LOL! I love your quilts and your cooking!

  5. Maybe you could get her that tevey that doubles as a new laptop?? You've been a busy quilting and cooking bee. Lovely!! Maybe a quilted chicken feather stuffed pillow is on the horizon??

  6. Oh no, I love that quilt above the bed, it's gorgeous Heather! I think you're a terrible mother for not letting that child have her own unicorn, just terrible! Condolences on the laptop, I feel your pain!

  7. Congrats to your daughter on the swim meet, that's loads of cool!! Sorry to hear about your computer. :( And my 7yr old asked for a PS4, I told him yeah, that's not going to happen, rethink your list. ;)

  8. that's too funny!! Just blame Santa, in the next couple of months, for not bringing the unicorn. Always blame the old man...


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