Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Happy Anniversary Mr. Beating Hearth...This is Your Life...on my Blog

Eleven years have come and gone in a blink.  Because I have the best husband around (definitely top ten), I am going to devote a little love to him by showing my favorite posts featuring him....or at least him as a doll.

The Mister's Mini Me
Alright, I did it.  I made a doll in the likeness of my husband...as Lord of the Dance.  With itty bitty nipples and chest hairs and a be-sparkled belt.  One of my favorite things EVER!  Not so much HIS favorite thing.  But let me tell you, those nipples make me chuckle every time.

The first and last time I ate a banana boat.
One of his favorite treats from childhood.  Banana boats.  Pass. But, how cute is he?

Snort, The Mister reveals his nerd past
Pssst....D&D nerdery in this post...need I say more? Lots of nerdery and giggles.  This post is one of my faves because he is so sincere and I am so wicked.

The baby booty fiasco
Once upon a time The Mister gifted me with some REALLY WEIRD CRAP...and by that I mean, awesome craft supplies that anybody would love to own...except for me, I mean, definitely me.  If you are in the market for wicker baby booties, drop me a line.  They are going for cheap!  I mean, really cheap.

The Mister's favorite plant.  He's asked me to make sure I plant several next year so he can enjoy their beauty all over again.

Deer quilt
What he thinks is a man quilt.  It's really a girl quilt disguised as a man quilt.  Very tricky, I know.

VW pillow case
What to get the man who thinks the VW Camper is the best way to take a family vacation.

Love you The Mister.  


  1. Aww happy anniversary good men are the best. I love your mini mr, very cute.

  2. I remember the wicker baby shoes, and I'm still laughing, but you have to admit, that was the sweetest gesture. These are all tooooo awesome. I had to pin a few of them, and by the way, I still LOVE your deer quilt! Happy Anniversary to you both xoxo

  3. Happy Anniversary! I am now reminded that I have some baby booties....somewhere. Haven't seen them since I moved...but I saw the when I was packing, so I know they are around somewhere!

  4. This is the sweetest post ever Heather. Happy Anniversary to you both! Here's to many many more years of total bliss! I have to check out your VW post. I never saw that one! PS....Tell your hubby how lucky he is to have such a talented wife!! Cheers

  5. Happy anniversary!!! You had your anniversary on my brother's 49th birthday! YOU STILL HAVE THOSE WICKER BABY BOOTIES????? Wow. You are one lucky chick. Your kale looks different from mine. Mine is green and purple and HUGE. Ummmm...that pink crochet doll is NOT the Mister. Even I can tell the difference. I can't believe you gave the Mister nipples and no....ummmm....dangly bits. And don't start poking him with needles, either. You live in the NW, not Louisiana. You little voodoo girl, you.

    Love ya!


  6. You two seem to make a great pair. Treasure him, good man are hard to find, believe me!


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