Friday, September 12, 2014

My Favorite Yogurt

I have been known...once upon a time, to make home-made yogurt.

I have actual proof.

That's MY yogurt that I made my own self.  This yogurt-making tutorial has GREAT pictures but, I changed up how I made yogurt and did another post on it.

This post has a better technique, but read it at your own risk, because there's a bit of a rant there and no awesome pictures

So, what's a girl to do?  I could continue making my own yogurt or..

I could eat this. I have been waiting for this yogurt.  Waiting for a yogurt that isn't 0% fat and isn't Whole Fat.  This is Chobani's 2% Greek yogurt and it is amazing.  It doesn't have the off texture of non-fat Greek Yogurt and doesn't have the calories of full fat yogurt.

I am writing a love letter to this yogurt because it's that good.  Smooth and yummy (except for Mango, eww), that's a treat to gobble down.  The passion fruit is good, but strange because the seeds are in it.  I actually had to Google if my yogurt was supposed to have seeds.  Yup, turns out they have lots of healthful antioxidants.  These three are maybe my favorites.

They have done studies again and again about the healthfulness of yogurt.  This yogurt has 12 grams of protein.  The most recent study I heard was that eating low-fat milk products help you stay slim. Low fat, so it can't be whole fat.  So this 2% yogurt is my dream because I am not a non-fat yogurt kind of gal.  Sour Cream, either.

I eat this yogurt every day for fact, this is what I had to do today.  Yup, eat it with a fork because all my spoons had been used in a picnic adventure gone awry last night and are currently in the dish washer.

I hope you don't mind this public service announcement.  I just found a product I really love, and wanted to share.

Thanks for reading!



  1. Girl, I just had some today. I love it too, and I agree, can't do the NO FAT, but I can do the LOW FAT. Somethin' about that Greek style yogurt makes it all the better too. Yum!

  2. I love Chobani!! Yummmm! I'm about to try eating cold oatmeal with chia soon as I can find chia seeds! LOL!

  3. Hey...I'm MAKING your yogurt. Right now. No lie.

  4. Hear! Hear! I've got Chobani in the 'fridge. :)

  5. I don't think I can find it in France... Yogurt and I have a difficult relationship... I love it, but I can't eat too much of it because of the lactose...

  6. I love the lime flavored yogurt! I really want to buy lime oil and make my own as our Canadian stuff is almost 5 bucks a tub here.....yikes! You should send a link of this post to them and maybe they will send you some coupons! You deserve some love from them!

  7. I want to go buy some yogurt and I already did all my grocery shopping for the week. I'll have to add this to my list. It looks good and has your seal of approval so really, how could I go wrong! And, I'm impressed with your fork scooping skills :)


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