Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Witchcraft-ing :) Did you see what I did there?

Last year I had the girls design their own Halloween costumes and we ended up with the cutest Princess Leia and Ariel, two princesses with VERY different aesthetics.  Luckily, My Baby let me get her a princess nightgown and call it a costume, and My Oldest was cool getting creative with an outfit that Leia could possibly wear, even though she doesn't in any of the shows.

princess leia costume
And then I got busy with my bad self and gave them some wicked awesome face painting.

This year I'm going to have a couple witches on my hands and I had them design their own hats and let them pick out some tulle for witchy skirts.

homemade witch hat

My Baby wanted to go with a, mainly skull and spider theme with a few gorgeous gems thrown in and a purple, sparkly veil with one big flower in front.  I wielded the hot glue gun with authority and she pointed and directed.  She was very excited to place one of the tiny skulls in the flower.

crafty witch hat

My Oldest decided on a few additional spooky touches, bats, skulls, rats as well as gorgeous flowers and a turquoise, spotty veil.  She was particularly happy with the rats climbing over the skull and having placed some of her bats upside down, they are resting.

This was a fun project because it allowed them to pick a few crafty embellishments and get creative.

apron tie tulle skirt
Their puffy witches skirts.  I let them each pick 3 colors of tulle and some satin blanket binding and got these skirts made up in a couple of hours.  So, if you need a quick tulle skirt idea, this is it.  It's so simple because it ties in the back like an apron!!  I tried to figure out where this genius idea originated, but no idea.  If it's yours, I love it.

Here's a super basic, picture tutorial on how I made them..

tulle witch skirt

I had nine yards of tulle per skirt and that was too much. I cut the tulle into 6 inch strips and layered, oh, about 4 pieces of doubled up tulle together and then just alternated the colors.

Happy Halloween!

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  1. You rock babe....I really kinda miss one to dress up anymore. (And I STILL can't fit into that sexy Catwoman costume I want to make.) And we live in Nowheresville now so I might have 5 trick-or-treaters this year.... :/

    HEY!!!! Bring the girls to my house!!!!! =D


  2. LOVE that you let the girls "make" their own costumes, Heather. I remember last years, too. The witch hats are crazy cute. I hope the girls have a blast on Halloween and hope to see pics when they're all dressed up!!

  3. I love that the girls are designing their own costumes. Those hats are adorable and I wish your little witches were coming by here this year! I'm excited to have trick-or-treaters for the first time in like 24 years!

  4. Brilliant costumes! Those witches hats are to dieeeeeee for muhahahahahaha. I love the colorful tulle skirts too. Way to get the kids to help Heather!

  5. Gorgeous Heather I love the beautiful bright colours you went with. Sweet little girls


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