Monday, January 20, 2014

The Hazards of Crafting...or We have a Ghost

Just your average needle, right? 


To give you a point of reference.  The needle next to your average size orange.  Yeah, it's a big sucker.

I found this needle sitting on my couch.  Just hanging out.  No explanation.  No kids running upstairs hollering, Mommy look what Daddy impaled his foot with!  Nada.

This might not be noteworthy except for the fact that yesterday I took My Oldest on a Sunday walk.  I know I shut my front door.  Come home...the front door is wide open!

Okay, let's say I didn't shut my front door.  I'll give this scenario the benefit of the doubt.  Maybe I imagined that I shut the front door.  I didn't imagine it.  It's winter.

Until this morning.  I go out to check on the chickens.  Give them some food, water and replace their fluff, make sure foxes didn't devour them on know, the usual chicken chores.  Our shed door where we keep all our supplies is open!  And the bar that keeps it closed...nowhere to be found.

I suppose we could have a hobo who walked through my house and out to my shed to use it as shelter in the 8 degree weather and impaled his foot on the giant needle as he was making his way through so he placed it kindly on my couch so nobody else would impale themselves.  Highly unlikely, right?  Which leaves only one option...

It's a ghost.  To further this hypothesis, My Youngest informed me yesterday that she was taking pictures of A Ghost with her toy camera.

I see dead people.

I hope it's a nice ghost....and that our house wasn't built on an Indian Burial Ground.  We do have a giant tree RIGHT NEXT TO THE HOUSE!!!  Any clowns?



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  1. That movie FREAKED me out! I watched it in the theater when it came out (unbeknownst to my parents--mom freaked out because the Catholic Post condemned it because of the pot scene). haha! Too bad...I saw it anyway! And clearly I'm now a druggy for life. Didn't we just have this conversation?? I'm def going with the ghost idea. Mostly because I've been totally getting into American Horror Story and it's giving the dog and Phil nightmares. Who knew?


  2. In any case, be safe. We came home once and our garage door was open. Turned out the neighbor's key vob opened it. Crazy. :)

  3. Heather! You are so funny. Maybe the ghost hunting the other day wasn't pretend.

  4. Maybe the dingo ate your baby! OMG, Heather! Putting all fun aside, I hope you are being careful. I'm sure it's nothing, or just the dog, or the wind.. just trust your instincts and be safe!!

  5. A ghost with a darning needle how handy LOL

  6. Why is it that ghosts never do anything the dishes or the laundry????

  7. right - you just freaked me the hell out!!!!!

  8. Maybe you could teach your ghost to cook!! And babysit!!!! And CLEAN!!!


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