Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Baby it's Cold Outside. Time for Dirty Chai Tea

I have a long standing affinity for chai tea.  The special blend of herbs and spices...wait...not those herbs and spices.  Cardamon and cinnamon and clove, black pepper, star anise and all-spice.  I guess the herb part could be the actual tea itself.   I dunno, just go with me here (I'm trying to veer the conversation away from the Colonel).  All of this is steeped in milk with a touch of sugar, and you have straight goodness.

As we all know, the weather is cold, with a capital C, so I was pondering warm beverages and thinking what would warm me up the best.  Chai?  Coffee?  WAIT!!! Inspiration hit!!!  What about a combination of the two?  I figured I am a genius and was the first person to ever devise such a wicked, naughty concoction.  But nope, it exists.  It is called a dirty chai and it has rocked my world.  And The Mister's world.  He has declared when we are retired on some tropical island, away from  polar vortexes, this is the only beverage we will consume.  So there you go.  Make this.  Love this.  Change your warm beverage choice forever.

Dirty Chai
Coffee (in official dirty chai, they would use a shot of espresso, I used what I had)
Sweetened Chai tea concentrate

Brew your coffee.

Combine half chai and half milk in a saucepan and heat over medium until hot.  Just make an educated guess on how much you need.  I would say I used approximately 3/4 C chai and 3/4 C milk for two servings.

Once the chai was hot, I very carefully used my immersion blender and whipped up a nice foam.  Don't burn yourself.  You can also use a blender but it doesn't get as frothy as in my picture.

Fill your coffee cup half way with coffee and then the other half with your chai using a spoon to hold back the foam.  Then, because I am a terrible human being, I add a splash of cream.  It's just a tiny amount, but it adds so much to the overall experience, a touch of luxury and a silky mouth feel.  YUM!

Now, spoon on some of your foam, and you have one heck of a warm drink.

Put your coziest slippers on, sit in a nice big chair and prepare to get your insides all toasty and take a mental break from words like: ice melt and wind chill.


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  1. Sounds fun I'm a chai addict I drink it more than wine....but only because its unacceptable o drink wine during the day ;)

  2. Oh, I would love to sit back and have this warming up my hands. What a delicious way to warm up the soul.

  3. I live in my coziest slippers! Yummmm dirty chai! And dirty, dirty chai!! LOL!

  4. From the first time I tried chai, I was sold! I think I could sit around drinking it all day if I allowed myself. It's what I do with coffee, wait!! You're saying I can mix it...with the coffee?? Dirty chai looks decadently good. I will have to try your chai ;)

  5. sounds good...although the Italian blood in me screams espresso, cappuccino and latte :) I used to drink (free) chai tea when I worked as a "barista"...during my College days :)

  6. Too funny and I didn't know it was called "Dirty Chai" lol I think I might get dirty today!! Cheers

  7. You dirty girl. I actually don't drink coffee (unless it's totally bad-for-me cappuccino out-of-a-box). This is intriguing. Where would one get the chai concentrate? I guess I'll have to get one of those special blenders now too. This is going to be an expensive cup of dirty chai....


  8. Ohh, yummy! My DIL LOVES Chai, I bet she'd enjoy this too. I'll have to remember it for the next time they're here and visiting.

  9. Never heard of dirty chai but it seems like a fantastic idea to me! I may have to try this...I don't have a "froth" maker, haha, but I always have heavy cream on hand...I'm bad like that ;) Thanks Heather:) my BBB best blogging bud:)


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