Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thank the chickens

They always want food and water and clean bedding. I walked out to do my chicken chores as dawn was breaking and beheld the wonder that is a frosty, winter morn.

January.  The end of winter feels so far away.  We're tired of scraping and slipping and sliding...but then you witness some winter magic, and it doesn't feel quite so bad.

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  1. Nature always amazes me, winter, summer, spring or fall. I hope all your chickens are staying warm all fluffed up in their beds. I just keep thinking about how the sun keeps getting closer each and every day :)

  2. What pretty pictures Heather! I love a hoary frost that stand on end and makes things look magical!

  3. It looks beautiful heather. At least there is some beauty the heat here has destroyed our garden :(

  4. It is waaaaay too cold and nasty here for me to be able to appreciate anything about winter here. Our first snowfall was HUGE and gorgeous. It's been crap ever since. :/


  5. Very pretty pics Heather! I just wanted to say before I shovel....again....Cheers!!

  6. Winter dos have it's good moment. They're few and far between, but they're there. :)

  7. I'm over winter, even if it is beautiful or has beautiful moments. And, you certainly did capture some really pretty images.


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