Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Grouchy and Gorgeous at the same time.

I am the luckiest gal I know.  My good buddy Nat from Northshore Days makes beautiful, gorgeous jewelery.  And I just happen to have received a package from her the other day.  Nothing better than some new bling to start the new year.  Click here to go directly to her post on Stacked Pendants!!  Because that's what I'm going to be showing off and you are going to want one of your own.

When I saw this creation of hers, I fell in love.  It's unique and like nothing I'd seen before.  The beads are gorgeous and have a real nice heft to them.

Selfy alert!!

 I almost never take this necklace off.  And I get compliments wherever I go! 

Except when I wear this one.  I actually won this pretty piece in the"name this" contest she had on her Facebook Page and I was thrilled!  I love the hip combo of distressed bronze, the wing and key and the pretty red bead which adds a touch of color.

Selfy Alert!  Aren't you lucky a double selfy day here at the hearth.  ahem.  yeah. 

Of course I am wearing my favorite nasty sweater.  Look, it's cold and I try to avoid heating my house.  I wear sweaters instead.  Even ones that aren't beautiful.  Luckily I have beautiful jewelery to offset the rattiness of the sweater. 

And finally, because Nat's so rad, she sent my girls each a beautiful memory bracelet.  My Oldest cannot remember where she took hers off when she wore it the other day.  Grandma's, maybe?  sigh.  So, My Youngest became my reluctant bracelet model.  Prepare yourself for pure grumpy grouchiness...and a cute bracelet.  Seriously, somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

Won't you put on this pretty shirt so we can take your picture? 

I only want to wear my jammies!!!

At least put your hand down, how am I supposed to get your face?


Just one little smile, with teeth?

nuh uh.

Thanks for reading!



  1. Heather.. Talk about beautiful jewelry and I love things that are hand crafted too.Artist put their hearts and love into their creations. I just love it. HOW sweet was that to send your cute little girl a memory bracelet. Just loved this post and thanks for sharing. YOUR selflies are beautiful. HUGS and blessings for the new year my friend.

  2. I like that stacked necklace a lot!
    My son said he doesn't want to do a review today. I believe him and am holding off until tomorrow because I know the looks I'll get. :)
    Your little one made a cute model there anyway!!

  3. How cute is she?? What an adorable film strip! Love it...
    That's so sweet of Nat! What a wonderful bloggy world we are a part of:) And what beautiful jewelry, she's so talented. I often want to make jewelry but seems like it never comes out quite right.
    Btw, the sweater looks really pretty in the pics, not to worry:) Thanks for sharing, love the selfies, very cool!

  4. That stacked pendant is too cool!! I can see why you wear it all the time. How sweet that Nat made the girls bracelets, even if it didn't cure a case of the grouchies instantly:P

  5. Aw you are so so welcome! It took me long enough to get them posted though!
    I cant believe how that stacked pendant brings out the blue in your eyes hun. Wow it really suits you and you, as well as your gorgeous girl are lovely models xxxx

  6. I love Nat's jewelry and am lucky enough to have a few pieces myself! Love the double luck of 2 selfies today! Always good to see your smiling face girl! Looks like your model managed a smile at the end. But...I'm with her..I like to stay in my jammies as long as possible!

  7. Lovely she's very talented love your little grouchy grouch there too.

  8. Some really beautiful family jewels! She is one talented lady!! Love your grouchy little one....soooo cute!!

  9. You're so funny....and purdy too!

    Love the jewels!



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