Monday, October 28, 2013

Rebel Insignia....dun, dun, da-dun, dun, da-dun, dun, da-dun.

John Williams and I'm sure a few million geeks, only, would understand the humming in the title.  :)

Daughter's Princess Leia inspired costume coming long as you can call her sweet Rebel Insignia Blaster Holster belt as the only thing I have done....coming along.   Aannddddd, I bought her some white leggings and a white bedazzled shirt.  So yeah.  I'm thinking it's just fine that I haven't begun the be-sparkling of her pants yet, T-Minus...3 days.  Gulp.

Luckily sequins don't take too long to affix...unless your daughter has come up with an intricate pattern that will require many thousands of sequins.  Wondering what I'm doing tonight?  Me and my thimble will be having a party.

If you are needing to make a sweet blaster belt, well, here's how I made mine.  Completely pretending I know what I'm doing, and loving it!  I like it when I can just wing a project and it works.

 1.  Using the very high quality compass I bought in the children's arts and crafts section, that does not lock in place and makes it extremely difficult to actually draw a circle...make a circle.  I am using a very light, icy blue cotton that has already been ironed onto some fusible web.

 2.  From the above circle, make a shape inspired by the Rebel Insignia in Star Wars.  Not too bad.

 3.  Cut a belt-shaped piece of felt, make sure it's big enough to tie in the back...because I am too lazy to sew on buttons, alright.  Try it on your kid and pin a swatch of fabric where the insignia is going to go.  This is a reference for when you sew on the blaster holster.

 4.  Make a blaster holster.  I just cut a long rectangle using felt.  Folded it almost in half, sewed a scant 1/4" seam across both sides, making sure to back stitch....and yeah, a blaster holster is born.

 5.  Sew it onto your belt.  As you can see, I just pulled down the front, top of the holster down as I sewed so it wouldn't get sewn shut and did a straight seam above it onto the top of the belt.  Back-stitching again.  I don't want it to fall apart mid trick-or-treat.
 You can sew on a snap or a button to close the holster.  I haven't decided yet what I'm going to do with it.

 6.  Remove your belly button marker, seen above, and iron on your insignia.  Love fusible web.  My sewing BFF.

7.  If you are making a belt for a certain princess, then bedazzle it baby!

Mine is extremely bedazzled, but I figured, it's a space princess's belt, so heck ya she needs some gems.  Like a lot of them.  But not too many, as to make it tacky.  Just the right amount.

More costume fun to come.

Update:  Check out how cute my Leia is!!

 Hey, even princesses have homework.

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  1. OMGOODNESS i cant wait to see it all done..IT will be awesome . Love it so far sister... KEEP those pics a coming

  2. I bet it's going to be cute when it's all said and done. We're going t/o/treating tomorrow (no one does things on time around here...our Christmas parade is before Thanksgiving). ;)

  3. I've seen the SW movies a combined total of probably 300 times. I'm not even joking. The rebel insignia has somehow escaped me. How can this be?

  4. You can never have enough sparkle!!! Adorable youre such a good Mum. Hope you and the thimble have a rocking time!!

  5. You are such a good mom. I kind of felt like I was reading a blog in another language :). I have no idea of anything Star Wars...which is shameless because one of my most popular posts is a tutorial to make a felt Boba Fett (is that even how you spell it?) and Darth Vader ornaments. Anyways, like you, I was busy finishing up a Halloween costume as well. I can't wait to see the finish product. Love the bedazzling.

  6. So cute. Your daughter will rock that costume!!

  7. Look at you go girl!! A date with your thimble? Hope he brings some wine! I know you...this will turn out perfect!

  8. Where's the party at, your house or the thimbles? You crack me up, but your princess belt is coming along brilliantly!! REALLY cute with the added bling. I think you will have a quite contented princess on your hands in a few days :)

  9. Um, I totally love this and think I will steal it to make a Ninja version, sans sparkle, for Ewan. Awesome and easy!


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