Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Leia...The Reveal

Here she is, the beautiful Princess Leia, going about, doing her business and being a space bad ass in her every day outfit.  She's not going to a council meeting, or the beach in a gold bikin ( her Daddy forbid a gold bikini as a Halloween costume), this is what the average space princess wears when she's just doing her normal thing....that is to say, stomping out space treachery and denying galactic bad guys their fun.

That's right villain!!!  You have been thwarted!

Awww, Mom, I just saved...frantically thinking of a planet...where's the husband when I need him...ummmmm...ohhhh yeah, I got it, I am so on top of things...Tatooine, and you're still going to make me practice my spelling words? 

What do you think?  Aside from the space pearls and scabbard, I think I nailed her vision.

Wanna see how I did it?

Affix sequins in daughter's spacey design to sides of leggings.  Find a pair of silvery dress-up pants kids no longer wear and decide since Leia needs space boots, to make faux boots.  Chop off the legs, hem the raw edge and line up to leggings approximately where you think boots would start.
Pin what was once the ankle of the silver dress-ups to the calf of the white leggings.  Hand sew, using extremely large stitches, so you can remove said boots when daughter wants to wear leggings, not as space pants, easily.  They are long so they'll sit over her shoes...sort of.

Buy a white shirt, ours is be-sparkled, we happened to have the space yak vest that we added to the ensemble, make her a blaster holster, do her hair in intricate side of the head buns and call her Leia.  Done.

Not too tricky.

This is the easy version of Leia's iconic buns.  Make piggy tails on either side of girl's head.  Braid.  Loosely loop around in a circle and pin.  My Oldest was quite upset that she didn't have enough hair to cover her ears completely in space buns, but felt this was a tolerable substitution when Mama told her she wasn't buying her a wig.

Happy Halloween!!

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  1. Impressive. That is one tough looking Leia. She looks ready to take on the world and conquer evil and bad guys. The silver faux boots are genius. Love the buns!

  2. this is super creative and you did a great job on the entire outfit!!

  3. Yay you did it! She looks fiercely adorable!

  4. "Space Treachery"!! Love it! Your princess looks adorable and I know I'll sleep better at night knowing I'm protected by such a beautiful bad ass in a great outfit!

  5. Yes, I LOVE a good heroine. The sparkly pants are a must have for a girl defending us from space bad guys! And those side buns are perfect! Great job space mom!

  6. This turned out awesome. I love the sparkles on the pants!! She wears her laser fighter well too, very confident...a pretty princess Lei is always ever so confident. :)

    Great job on the costume!

  7. Awe-Some. And def a bad-ass!! Of course, you could have just stuck sticky-buns to the sides of her head.... :P


  8. You are an awesome mom Heather!!! That costume is perfect with an adorable little model!!


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