Wednesday, October 23, 2013

How the chickens are faring...An Urban Farm Update

We have three hens laying now.  The one in the middle is the normal size we've been getting.  The one on the left, well, apparently we now have a goose I was unaware of.  The one of the right is Starlight's fist pullet egg.  It's so teeny.  I can't wait to see what production is like when all the gals are up and running.  My family may be eating a lot of egg suppers.

Loretta.  She has the prettiest feathers.  They gleam purple, blue and green amongst the black of her wings and back.  Her chest feathers are black and fiery orange.  She's mine.  She's also the layer of the goose egg.  Sometimes they get nervous or scared and hold it....then they're walking funny for a few days when they finally...get on with the business of being a chicken.

Lily, My Oldest's hen next to Loretta.  She's the cheetah print gal.  No eggs yet.  Soon though.  I'm guessing maybe this week.

 Starlight, My Youngest's hen.  Our newest layer.  Love her bitty little egg.

The two who couldn't figure out how to get out of the coop when I was doing my photo shoot.  It happens.  Loredda, the big red hen has been laying the longest and is the most regular about it.  Dolly, the white one is the same breed as Lily....Soon.  Real soon.  They're the Araucanas which mean Easter Egg hens.  Their eggs will be blue or green or pink.  Can't wait!!!!

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  1. I love it and they are beautiful colors even. I love the thought of living off the land raising our food etc. SO i am always so interested in the blogs on this subject . Thanks for sharing your journey with us all. GOOSE ? ? ? WHO KNEW . awesome !! have a blessed week my friend. HUGS and TOODLES

  2. You got some great pictures. How funny that they'll hold their eggs in sometimes~

  3. Oh wow, Heather! This is fantastic...I didn't know about "Easter Egg" hens, that's so cool. I never knew they tried to hold it in either, that's so funny.
    Did I catch that right, you have a Loretta and a Loredda? That tickles me, I don't know why....
    Great post, girl, keep it up:) Di

  4. No way. Soon you'll have blue, pink or green eyes. That is awesome.

    I love seeing updates about your chickens. You aren't kidding that one egg is HUGE. Does size matter as far as taste goes?

  5. Oh so fun, you know I'm totally dying with chicken envy!

  6. Go Starlight!! (You know she's my favorite!) I'm looking forward to seeing the pretty colored ones!

  7. Our friends with the "secret garage chickens" gave us a dozen eggs!! Woohoo! Garage-fresh eggs!!!!! You have pretty chickens. :)


  8. I literally snorted when I read "apparently we now have a goose I was unaware of".... oh that was so funny!!!! I'm so jealous!

  9. Awe, we used to have a few Araucanas when I was a kid. I loved their eggs. We got green and blue ones. I really miss my chickens, but I will be babysitting my friend girls again very soon!! Love your chicken adventures!

  10. Looks like you have friends for life. It's amazing how they are all so different. A chicken novice like me would never have guessed. I never would have realized that they have egg laying stages of development, either (that is so cute)!! Thank you for sharing your brood with us (is that what they call it) ?


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