Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Homemade Costumes...Princess Leia and Ariel

You may already have Halloween costumes for your kids...but if you don't, why not let them design their own?  I know this sounds like pie in the sky, especially if they want to be Iron Man or Ra-Tangled...I mean Rapunzel, but it's still fun to let them figure out what they want.

My little munchkins hard at work.

My Youngest is going to be Ariel this year.  Think it has something to do with the barrage of commercials for the re-release of the movie?  Nah.  I have a deal with her that if she chooses to be a princess, I let her choose the princess nightgown of her choice from the Disney Store, then she not only gets a costume, but a sweet nighty for the rest of the year.  We have done this two years in a row now, and I highly recommend it.  First, you don't end up with some crazy costume that only gets worn once in a while.  Second, it costs the same or less than a costume and is completely useful.

My Oldest is going to be Princess Leia.  We are kinda doing our own thing.  She was a little worried about not having a costume exactly like in the show, but I assured her that Princess Leia has lots more clothes than were seen on the show and won't it be fun to come up with our own version of what she might wear?  Nod head very emphatically.  It worked.

I bought her a white shirt and white leggings and from there we are going to add some sweet touches, a wooly vest, sparkly embelishments down the side of the legs, I am making her a belt with a scabbard and the rebel emblem on it.  What?  You didn't know there was a rebel emblem?  Or was that just me.  I confess to not having a clue.  Luckily I married a geek and he basically free-handed the emblem from memory.  She gets to have a light saber and maybe a blaster....still trying to decide on the blaster.  Maybe I'll have her make a blaster from what she can find around the house.  Love encouraging a little creativity.  And of course, the buns.  And a pearl necklace.  Yes Princess Leia loves wearing a bit of bling while she galavants about the universe.

Super love seeing their imaginations at work.  Of course My Youngest feels bad that her creations aren't as good as her sister's....It's hard being little.  I'll keep you updated on our progress.

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  1. What a great way to get excited about costumes and dressing up for Halloween! Your girls are so sweet. I am impressed with both drawings. I can't wait to see your costumes come together. Where is your drawing of what you'll be :)...or are you going as a princess so you can get a princess nightgown too :)

  2. I am hoping to make a Jesse (from toy story) costume, a Mrs Potato head, and Rex (also from toy story)

  3. Oh how cute you have your own little designers, I love the costume/nightie idea. When my boys were little they had woody/buzz pjs and costumes they loved wearing he so tunes but it was too hot in Summer o they used to wear the pjs everywhere. I miss it :(

  4. You are an awesome mom! My mom always tried to convince me to be a hobo! Every year!

  5. I love the costume/night gown idea. I'm going to steal that and use it with my girl someday.

  6. Love the princess nightgown idea. If it's alright, I'm stealing that idea to use with my girl one day.

    1. Bethany, You definitely need to use the nightgown idea. I have to spread the brilliance as I didn't have it quite figured out with my older daughter.

  7. Wow, their imaginatons are going crazy. You rock! And dad ain't bad either, drawing an emblem no one even remembers, free hand, no less! Wait, if no one else remembers, he can pretty much draw whatever he wants, haha. Tell him I have his number!!
    We did the nightie thing sometimes, too. Verrry smart:)
    Can't wait to see the progress!

  8. So cute!! I miss making the kids costumes and the all the excitement surrounding the big event!

  9. Oh so cool - I cant wait to see pictures! Almost makes me wish we celebrated Halloween lol xxx

  10. That is a fun idea, and they have an investment now so they'll love their costumes no matter what. :)

  11. Okay...Ariel is groovy, but LEIA!!!!! Now, that is downright awesome. I gotta love a girl who loves some Star Wars...


  12. Creativity and innovation at its best. This is such a nice idea since Halloween can be so... commercialized. Back to the basics is thumbs up in my book. Can't wait to the how they turn out!

  13. I love this. Such memories too that your all making. I love it


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