Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Quick and Easy: Truly Thankful pillow

I am one of those people who doesn't really have a favorite holiday.  Lame, I know.  I have some I like more than others, and Thanksgiving is one of them.  What is it about Thanksgiving?  The family, the feast, the tradition, having a day devoted to talking about what you're grateful for.  It's all part of it.  So I made a little pillow that expresses how I feel.  I am, truly thankful.

I've been on, what could be called a Dresden Plate mini quilt kick this year.  I would go so far as to say this is the year of the Dresden.  So, the only thing to be done, was make a nifty Thanksgiving pillow using my Dresden Plate tutorial, and I think it's pretty sweet.

Threw on a little embroidery to express my feelings and add a little Thanksgiving flavor.  No, not pumpkin pie or mashed potatoes and gravy.

I really like the goldenrod fabric on the back and all the....what I would call, Fall colors for each of the spindles.

The back, using my pocket pillow tutorial, using a pillow case that I decided we don't use anymore, so the only thing to do with it....is make something else.  Think it matches the front pretty well, don't you?  Don't tell The Mister, it was actually his pillow case.  But to be fair, I made it for him, so I'm pretty sure that gives me dibs.

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  1. I love it! It's so pretty! The back matches really well.

  2. I love this idea. Just beautiful and what a great addition for your sweet family to see at Thanksgiving. LOVE IT SISTER : )

  3. I love smaller projects like this, because it gives me more of a short term gratification. Truly Thankful...

  4. I love when one's house is decorated with positive, uplifting, homemade creations. This is beautiful. And, I am a huge fan of embroidery. Really well done.

    And, in other unrelated news...I bought a pomegranate today. I can't wait to try out your deseeding trick.

  5. Beautiful heather I do love Christmas you guys just have too many o choose from :)

    I really want to try a Dresden

  6. Love your pillow! I love your saying on it too! The back is perfect and of course it gives you dibs!

  7. What a pretty pillow and way to recycle another pillow too. Great job girl!!


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