Monday, November 11, 2013

Pre-Feast activity for kids...what to do on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is approaching, quicker than we realize.  I can't believe we're almost two weeks into November.  I know I was just stressing about making two batches of taco soup: one for my family to eat on Halloween and one for the church's trunk or treat/chili-off the next day.  This post originally showed up over at The Inspiration Cafe last year, and I thought I'd bring it around over here.

I love the idea of the kids making Christmas ornaments for their mama, so by the time they abandon me for college, I'll have all these adorable, hand-made keepsakes to warm my heart.

I like having an activity for them on Thanksgiving, because the wait for the feast can be so long and boring for kids.  They are starving because you only gave them a tiny lunch in preparation for the feast to come.  They're antsy because so much is going on...Grandma is running around making sure the gravy doesn't burn and that her rolls are rising like they should...and the kids don't have anything to do...except for watch the parade on TV...and if there isn't candy being thrown, and they aren't running into oncoming floats, then my kids are not interested in a parade.

The children in my family are young, so there is nothing too advanced here, but they're sparkly and kids love sparkly.  This activity is for when things are still cooking and dinner is a ways away.

Buy some felt.  Whatever color you like.  Fold a piece in half and double cut the initial of each of the children who will be making an ornament.  You want to make the lines of the letters fairly thick so you can get a nice layer of sequins on.  I just free-hand cut my letters, but you could draw them on the felt first to make sure you like what you've got.  This is something you will probably want to do in advance unless your kids are capable of cutting these out on their own.  It only takes a minute.

You want to have two pieces exactly the same because you are going to glue the two pieces together to give your ornament some stability.

I used craft glue.

Have them put a dab of glue on the back of a sequin and put it on the felt letter and continue on until it is completely covered.

Using some glittery thread and large needle, make a loop so they can be hung from the tree.  Put somewhere they can dry.  Feast.  Take home special Christmas ornaments.

I'll show you what we're making this year in a bit.

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  1. That's fun and would be great for a school project too!

  2. Oh that's a fun idea Heather and very cool to have their own take home ornaments :)

  3. Oh I remember these! They are still awesome! Can't wait to see what you come up with this year!


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