Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Progress on Girl Pirate Quilt

My Oldest is thrilled with her pirate quilt.  She comes down when I am sewing and lays down on the blocks I have arranged just so, and tells me how soft and pretty they are, and how much she loves her quilt!  Then she rolls around and messes everything up!  Arrgghhh!!  Doesn't she know I have a method?  It's not much of a method...but it's a method.

My heart does a pitter pat when she loves what I'm doing.  I like to know my children enjoy what I make them.  Someday I know they'll hate everything I create, so I am going to enjoy it while it lasts and will continue to make things for them...as long as they'll let me.

This is the scene in my sewing room.  I don't have a terribly large space to spread things out and so...I make do the best I can....thus blocks heading out the door.  I am sewing this one block at a time, so I want to see the forest as I make the trees.  This is becoming more and more difficult...I guess I can go ahead and plan out every step from this point on...but where's the fun in that.  I like the adrenaline rush of not knowing if I'll have enough fabric, and have to make a last minute change!!  Yes.  You read that correctly...I just said the adrenaline rush in reference to whether I was going to have enough fabric...whatever does it for ya, I guess.

The pile of fabrics that I am working with....on the floor.  Where else would I put them?  I want to be able to look at them and decide what is up next.  There's a reason The Mister tries to avoid this room at all costs...it gives him hives.

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  1. This is going to look gorgeous. I'm very impressed as I can barely hem!

  2. Heather, your girls are so lucky and blessed to have a mama that makes such beautiful things...pieces that will be in the family for generations. And keep making and creating them things...even when they get a little older and don't want you to, they'll appreciate it later. xxoo

  3. Heather you have such a special talent. This quilt is going to be gorgeous - I cant wait to see it when its done. xxx


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