Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Nightingale (I think), The girl Ninja Turtle

There's been a lot of pondering and thinking about My Youngest's girl Ninja Turtle.  I knew she needed a mask.  Pink, of course.  I knew she needed a yellow torso and green rest of her body.  I knew she needed a shell...still in my brain...yet to be figured out.  I knew she needed to look spunky and as gorgeous as a crocheted, turtle action figure can look...

 Ohh la la.  What a lovely lady we've got going here.

Her exotic gaze.  I am going to add eyelashes for that feminine touch.

Pink flip flops...coming soon.

The shell might pose a problem for me...I am thinking real hard about possibilities.  I think it might be a trial and error kind of thing.  I think I'm going to make a quilted shell...for dazzle.

She's also going to get a karate...belt...excuse my lack of karate terminology knowledge...and some sweet weapons.  I'm thinking of throwing stars.  Oh yes, this girl's a bad A...make no mistakes.

My Youngest has already been talking about her TMNT party and how the girls need pink ninja turtles and the boys get blue.  I am so excited to give this to her!!!  

Arms, shell and feet bottoms...coming soon.

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  1. Wish I was crafty and could make fun stuff. :(

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  2. Cute Heather!! Jacob always makes me be the pink ninja or the pink power ranger!! How funny that these are so popular again and so much so with girls now!! Nice job

  3. Oh she's going to e awesome! Man I wish I could crochet

  4. Eeeeee - she is so cute!!!!! Love her eyes and cant wait to see the finished turtle!!!!

  5. That is one adorable Ninja Turtle - love her eyes! Can't wait to see her finished!

  6. Hi Heather stopping over from Inspiration Cafe. Your ninja turtle girl is just adorable!! I'm pinning her even if she isn't done. I have a board just for dollies and she is going on it:)


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