Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What's a mother to do?

What's a Mama to do?   My baby is setting herself up a new my living room.  She did a pretty good job too, with her stuffed critters, her backpack and a sweet bed....

A  good number of her books, her globe, her lei, her soccer trophy and her doll that Great Grandma Evelyn gave her....

I appreciate her being creative and using her imagination and being so conscientious in what she's creating.

I can't make her take it all down...can I?  I mean, maybe I can just make a little exception and have a new addition to my living room....a cozy spot to rest and read a book or look up where Turkey is on the globe.

Oh wait....nope.  This is what's on the other side of her little creation.  Right then.  Time to pick up before Daddy gets home!



  1. How funny! Maybe you should set up in her room!

  2. That is sweet! I'd have raved about the idea and suggested moving it to her room or the playroom so that no one would be "messing" it up.


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