Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ohhhh the good stuff!

Over at Inspiration Cafe today we have a couple amazing guest posters.  Normally I put these over on the right hand side of my blog...but I am having issues today.  So I'm giving them a quick post because you must check them out.  Some seriously good stuff.

First up is Suzan from Simply Vintageous.  She's doing a series on giving your futniture a makeover and trust me...I want to have something to make over to use this technique!

The herringbone pattern is so pretty!  Love it! 

Click here to see how she did it...

The other post is from Christa at Controlling Craziness...and she has inspired me that even though my kids are wearing doesn't have to look like it.  Just whip them up some super quick, super easy leg warmers.  Definitely on my list of must dos.

Click here to see how easy this is...


  1. Love those Leg Warmers !!! PRESH .... I love the post ...

  2. Thanks for posting about my last minute leg warmers. Kids can grow so fast, so being creative and using what they have to make it last a little longer is a win-win in my book. Hope you try it and share how it turns out.
    I'm now following your blog via GFC.


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