Friday, February 8, 2013

Creative Rose Cards for Valentine's

cardboard rose stamp are fun to get and give...except...I'm cheap.  I rarely buy a card...unless I am giving a gift like cash or a gift card.  Instead...I am a big fan of making cards.  My kids always make their own cards for their friends and family members who are having birthdays.  This not only gives them the joy of spending time being creative and making something fun, but I don't have to spend the time buying  a card.  Win-Win!  I do have to buy the supplies, but the nice thing about supplies like this...they make a heck of a lot of cards and/or art projects!  So, I don't mind the expense if my kids are getting their creative on.

This card is a fun one for V-Day.  You need corrugated cardboard, white card stock, patterned card stock, twine, scissors, ink and an adhesive of some sort.

If you don't know what corrugated cardboard's the cardboard that has two layers with a cushion-y, patterned layer in the middle.  Cut a piece about 6 inches wide, or so.  Play with can make the roses smaller or larger depending on how large a piece you use...then you roll it up, loosely, tie it with some twine and...voila!  You have a rose stamp.

Cut a rectangle out of your patterned card stock and fold it in half so the recipient can open it up and read the special message on the inside...cut a small piece of white card stock and glue it on the front of the patterned paper...and then stamp to your heart's content.  You and your kids will have fun with this V-Day project...I also tried to make a stamp out of a the shape of lips.  That's what the blue can kind of tell they're lips.

Have fun making home-made rose-stamped cards this year for your loved ones.

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  1. How cute!! Now I would have never thought to make a stamp out of a piece of cardboard! Clever girl!


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