Tuesday, July 10, 2012

When your baby niece needs a pillow...

...because you didn't make her one before now, you just gotta make it.  Thanks to my previous post on making spur of the moment pillows, my beloved sister reminded me that I never made my sweet baby niece a pillow.  Well...luckily for her, I had it covered.

I had started making this hexi-patterned quilt for my turn on Inspiration Cafe, but I wasn't feeling it.  It was too busy.  There were too many bold fabrics that took away from the unique pattern I was going for.  So I had to start over with different fabric.  Of course, I kept what I had made, even though I wasn't going to use it.  Look, I am crafter, therefore I hoard.  The fabric is pretty and the turtles are fun, so I felt I could do something with it eventually as it was pretty good sized...but not square...so I was just going to hold onto it for a bit.

I mean...look at that face!!  She needed a pillow.  I like making my children and nieces their first pillows because it allows me to make them small, and not stuff them too full.  This pillow is 12.5" by 15.5" (that means before it was sewn it was 13" x 16"), and it's perfect for a little head.  I think toddlers get lost in a full-sized pillow.  They really need to learn how to sleep with a pillow and a little one like this is perfect.

So there you have it.  Another pillow.  This may well be turning into the pillow blog.

Here's my Older Niece with her pillow by Auntie.  This one was fun because it was simple, just cute fabric, but I took the time to trim it with some ric-rac.  The possibilities are endless.

How about an update on how my garden is doing...

Great!  These tomatoes are about to overtake the entire planet I think.  I am so proud of my little seedlings.  I wasn't sure how they would do, and they're doing amazing!

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  1. Best Auntie of all to make her baby nieces a pillow! Eventually you'll have to make a pillow for TJ too. In a couple of years as TJ is still in my belly.

  2. What a great tradition...making pillows for your nieces and nephews! Cute pillows too! (I love that sock monkey fabric!)

    1. Thanks Danni, I love it too...but no nephews. My family only makes girls.

  3. I love it Heather - and I'm pinning xxx Nat

  4. I love those pillows and those sweet faces, so comfy on the pillows made with love!


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