Wednesday, July 25, 2012

And the Gold goes to....



Wrong team.  I do like saying it though.  I think we need to come up with a holler for the Yanks that's as cool as what Australians have.  I mean, we do have U.....S.....A   U.....S.....A    U.....S.....A...and that's pretty good.  I guess it'll do.  I'll just secretly be jealous of the Aussies.

I love the Olympics.  It doesn't even matter what the sport is.  There's just something about athletes, who are at the top of their game, competing, and showing the world how they have mastered their sport.  I am just putting it out there, that I will be watching Women's Taekwondo, Badminton, Handball, Trampoline, Table Tennis, Equestrian, Canoeing and Sailing just as much as I will be watching Swimming, Track and Field and Gymnastics.  I just think it's fun. 

Let me tell you a secret.  When the Olympics came to Salt Lake City...the one event I was desperate to see in person...Curling.  Oh yeah and it was awesome.  I was so excited to be there in person.  To have the Olympics in the place where I live!!  I want it to come back.  Let's hear it for Salt Lake City 2020!!  I don't even know if they've decided who gets it in 2020...but let's hear it for Salt Lake City!!!

In honor of the big event going on in London, I made this.  Oh, the Union Jack.  What a fun thing to make.  It was a bit complex...those triangles...they were a little tricky.  But in a fun way.  You get to use newspaper templates!  Tomorrow I'm gonna put the how-to on.   But for now, it's just fun to enjoy.  Obviously I took some artistic liberties with the fabric I chose, but I feel that it's alright, because, you still know what you're looking at.  I got this tutorial from Lily's quilts.  It's called the Double Fat Jack and I think it's adorable.

Want to see the reverse?

U....S....A    U....S....A    U....S....A

This, I just made of on the fly.  I knew how much space I had to work with and I knew how many stripes I needed, so I basically just faked it.  I think it turned adorable.  Old Glory never looked so...arts and crafts.

So, go out and support your team...or the host city...or maybe even the Saudi women who are going to compete in the Olympics for the first time ever, and let your colors fly.

U....S....A    U....S....A    U....S....A    U....S....A    U....S....A    U....S....A    U....S....A    U....S....A

See you next time!



  1. you are so funny! Curling? Really? I have to admit, that I never understood it at all until a Canadian guy explained it to me....then i enjoyed it much more! Love your new quilt!

    1. Yup. Curling. It was so fun. Thanks Danni!

  2. Gosh girl - you are so talented. Love it xx

  3. So I. Stalking you and found this quite by chance, us Aussies do love a good chant :)


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