Friday, July 6, 2012

Sometimes you just gotta sew...

But, what do you make?   A quilt is way too much work, plus you already have a few in the works...ahem...not speaking from personal experience, of course...

You don't really want a wall-hanging because you're just messing around...

A pillow.  Yes, perfect!!  Many a time have I just wanted to try out a new block and fiddle with some pretty fabric and a pillow is perfect.  I'm not even talking about a "fancy" pillow with pocket back ...I am just talking about...

1.  Make something...this can be pieced, applique...improv...whatever!

2.  Measure it.

3.  Cut out a piece of fabric for the back that matches the dimensions of the front.

4.  Sew the two together, front sides facing,  but leave a space about...2 inches long on one side.

5.  Flip the piece right-side-out.

6.  Stuff with whatever fluff you have lying around, to whatever poofyness you prefer.

7.  Hand stitch the 2 inch gap together.

8.  Enjoy handiwork.

My children have been the lucky recipients of improv well as my beloved sister and her children.  It's just sewing for fun, which is the best sewing out there.

My Oldest loved chickens when she was young...they were her favorite animal.  This pillow was born out of that love...and the fact that my beloved sister, who doesn't quilt, bought this cute quilt block and never used it.  Yay me.  My Oldest now loves wolves...and narwhals...I think a new pillow is in order.

This was for My Youngest who loves our cat, Puss.  This cat is kind of scary...but, look I'm not going to say that every critter that comes out of my imagination is amazing...but she likes it and so do I.  Plus, I had fun mixing and matching fabric.

Pure cuteness.  I love the white strips combined with the rectangular pieces.  Plus, this all just cute fabric with birdies...which is My Youngest's favorite animal.

So, there you have it.  Just go have some fun with cute fabric and your sewing machine...even if you don't have a can always make a pillow.

Thanks for reading!



  1. P.S. My youngest needs a pillow stat.

  2. Ooh these are just beautiful Heather - I'm going to pin and give you a shout out on my FB page. Lots of love xx

  3. Once again Heather I somehow missed this post! Those pillows are just cuteness overload! How fun!


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