Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Learning Part I

To help my babies be ready for school next year, and not lose all their learning from the previous year, my sister and I are doing a weekly summer school session.  We take turns preparing a fun activity and lesson for the kids; so it's not quite so overwhelming.  Every Thursday is learning day and the girls really look forward to it.  I've told The Mister that he gets to do some of the heavy hitting topics like...GRAVITY and SCALE and DENSITY.    He's pretty excited.  He has all these science-y ideas. 

My ideas...not quite so ambitious.  My sister did osmosis!!  Uhhh...alright then.  It was a fun project where you stick an egg in vinegar and dye and see what happens.  The kids really enjoyed playing in the egg afterwards.  My Sister's Oldest, loved loved loved her egg's membrane.  tehehehe.  She asked her Mama if the membrane helped the egg think.  Little smarty pants.

For this mama though...we learned about the SEASONS!!!

I prepared some props to give the pictures texture and a bit of fun.  Basically this is cotton balls, different color strips and shapes of fabric and construction paper.  We would talk about what happens in each season and make a picture.




Then we practiced writing the words of the seasons and then placed them in their Summer Learning Binders...which by the way, is my girls' favorite part of the whole process (keeping and showing off their work).  They can't wait until Daddy comes home so they can show him what they learned and My Youngest looks at hers almost daily.

It really makes me happy to see them enjoy learning.  Another thing we are doing is reading...and I just thought I'd show this as it really makes me happy.

My Oldest, rigging up a trap to catch a monkey.  We're almost done reading Summer of the Monkeys and I just really love seeing a child's imagination take flight. 

So far, Summer of Learning is A++++ in my book.

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  1. Summer learning is the coolest! I also enjoyed it when Zoe thought the membrane would help the egg think. Hilarious!

    1. I agree, so far so good on summer learning!

  2. That is fantastic Heather and Jullee. I think I will do this over our summer break. We ahve aour winter break soon but its only for 2 weeks - so I think we will not worry with learning - just sleeping in and doing mind numbing stuff. lol. big hugs xxx Nat

    1. Nat, it's turned out to be so great for us and our kids. If you can get a partner, I would recommend it to help take some of the pressure off. Winter break...definitely take it easy.


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