Thursday, June 7, 2012

For Pleat's Sake...the Throw-Pillow Cover Tutorial

Now that we've gotten the need to pleat out of our systems.  Let's turn those pleats into a pillow case.  This pillow case is one of the easiest around.  The reason is because of the back.  It's called a pocket pillow cover.

Peekaboo.  See, pretty slick, huh?  This is pretty much the only pillow cover I make....because it's easy.  No problemas.

So, when you are calculating fabric for the backside of the pillow need to keep in mind that there is a deliberate overlap going on.  So you need to think to yourself...Okay, this pillow is 14 x if I was going to split it in half horizontally (as there are two sides) that would be two 7 x14 pieces of fabric.  But, we have to figure for the over lap.  I cut two 9 x 14 pieces...but I wish I would have used two 10 x 14 pieces just for a little extra coverage.  As you can see it's fine, but 3 inches per side of over lap is really perfect.

Okay.  Now let's get assembling.  Keep in mind that you can use the construction method for any pillow cover have made.  It doesn't have to be a pleated pillow cover...but if you want the pleats, use this pleat tutorial.

Cut your back fabric.  The same width as the pillow front, but remember to split the length in half..then add 3" to each piece.

Using a 1/4" seam allowance, sew both back pieces on.  Remember to place your pieces Front Sides Together!!!!  Big time important.  Otherwise that seam ripper up there is going to be your best friend.

If you want to embellish your pleats with some stitching, now's the time.  I would recommend it as I found pleats like to stretch out like an accordion...and make it nearly impossible to stuff the pillow in and have it look nice.

This is what I did...I measured the front equally in 3 portions and stitched 3 rows 1/4" apart.  This held down the pleats and allowed me to place the pillow in at the end.

 Now you have to hem the two raw edges on the ends of both pieces of back fabric. Put your handy hemmer at 1/4" and go across the edge ironing the fabric down as you go. Then...start over again.  Fold over the folded edge and iron again.  This will give you a neat and fully encased hem where no raw edges show! Stitch hem down.

Now it's time to stitch the sides together...YAY!! Okay, so you need to think in your head, before you do anything which flap you want to be the top flap. Carefully fold over your bottom flap first!  Make sure your fabric is lying flat and is lined up along the edge. Then fold the top flap over. Again being careful.  Now pin both sides!

Make sure when you are folding your flaps...tehe...I like the way that sounds...That you have the insides of the fabric front sides together.  Because, when you stitch the sides closed and have flipped it the right-side out, you want the raw edge to be where you don't seem 'em.

See, now that the sides are sewn, the pillow case is inside out.  You need to flip it and poke the corners out.  I usually use a needle and just gently tug the corners out.

Now's the time for embellishing it if you want.  Do whatever makes you happy.  I wanted to make a couple of raw edge flowers.  Super easy.

Cut 3 different sizes of circle. Line them up one on top of the other.  Then fold the entire group in half

Then fold the group in half again!  So you'll have it folded into fourths.  Take your needle and thread and just stitch around the bottom.  All over.  Several times.

This is going to secure the ridges and make it look more petal-y.  Affix a button and then stitch onto your pillow cover.  Make a bunch of these.

And there you have it.  A perfectly pleated and embellished Pocket Throw Pillow Cover.
Have fun bedecking your house with the cutest little throw pillows around.
Thanks for reading!


  1. I have a love hate relationship with my sewing machine! Lol. You make these pillows look simple and doable. I might just have to give it a try! Once we're done painting we're going to need some new pillows for sure ;)

    1. Gee thanks Sherry!! I think you'll find this is a very doable pillow project!


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