Friday, June 8, 2012

My blog leads to sheer awesomeness...I think

Can you breed mythical creatures and beaded penis cover...ahem...well then.  These are two recent searches that led a couple of individuals to my blog.  I guess I should re-evaluate what I'm writing here...I know which post the first search query went to...But...where did the 2nd one lead?  But then...I'm thinking maybe there's a market for...scratch that...cancel thought process.  Bad, bad, bad idea. 

Alright then, after that awesome lead up...I am going to do one more post on pillow covers.  This is a quick version for those who are in the know and just want an easy tutorial to get them through the basics.  This is a looser version of my previous tutorial.   My other version is for this tight pillow cover

Start with a pillow.  Mine happens to be 14" x 14".

Choose your fabric.  I happen to like mixing up the front and the back fabrics...but that's just me.  If you want one fabric for the whole shebang.  Go for it. 

Cut front panel the size of your pillow.  So I will cute my front panel 15 x 15 to make up for seam allowances and to make it a little roomy.  Many people like to make their pillow covers very snug to give a very puffy appearance.  If you like that, cut smaller.  Others like a looser fit.  Cut bigger in that case.  Experiment with what you like.  But for me, in the immortal words of Clairee from Steel Magnolias "Looks like two pigs fighting in a blanket"  Like the looser look.

As you can see the pillow to the left was cut  to exact measurements.  The pillow to the right was cut 1" bigger.  Both cute.  Just different styles.

Now you need to cut the back panels.  This is the part that forms the pocket.  So, you need to do a little math here.  You need your panels to be the same width that you cut your front, so in my case 15 inches.  It's the length that you've got to figure out. So, divide the length of your front panel in half.  15 / 2= 7.5"   Okay.  So then you add 3" to each of those lengths.  so 7.5 + 3=10.5"  This means you cut 2 back panels at 15 x 10.5.  Remember to customize these measurements to whatever size pillow cover you are making.  Just divide by half and add 3 inches.

Sew time!

****Remember front sides together****  This is the part I always forget because I am admiring the cute fabric I have chosen and want to look at it.  Look later.  Front sides together***

Sew 1/4" seam allowance along both width ends.

Hem both width ends.  Fold under once 1/4" and iron across the entire width, then fold over again so you have a double folded hem so there are no raw edges showing.  Iron.

Right sides still together.  Fold the back panels into place.  If you have a preference which back panel shows on top...make sure to fold it down first.   Pin along the length sides.  Make sure to have the fabric pulled taut so you don't have any puckers.   Sew a 1/4" seam allowance down both sides.

You're done!  Just unfold the pillow so it's right side out.  Pull at the corners with a pin so they're not mushed in.  Shove your pillow in.  Fluff and go!

Thanks for reading!



  1. Oh you must know I still have 2 pillow forms waiting to be covered!!! They're on the list and I hope they turn out 1/2 as cute as yours!

  2. Thanks Danni. I felt like 2 tutorials on pillow cases might be a bit much...but oh wel.

  3. OMG ~ sitting here, can't sleep and you have just cracked me up! The fact that someone ended up on your blog when doing a "beaded penis cover" search...way too funny!!!

    1. Sherry, I am so glad it made you laugh. I always tell my husband that I think I'm funny...but it's nice to know somebody else likes what I'm writing.


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